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We're back again, brining you your top five articles of the week for the third time! This week you loved a whole bunch of different things—from hill top mansions to cabins in the woods, from kitchen tips to bathroom hacks and once again, compact houses. We brought everything architecture, interiors and lifestyle, and you loved it. 

Here we give you the chance to reflect on your favourite stories from the week, to get inspired by the beautiful rooms, or to jot down some of those tips you might have forgotten. Get comfy, grab your morning coffee or tea and get ready to enjoy these articles all over again—or if you're stopping by for the first time, here's a nice little collection of what we showcased this week!

What was your favourite story of the week? Did it make it onto the list? Let us know!

Rustic Meets Modern In This Masterpiece

Coming in at number one this week is this stunning modern creation. Many modern homes synthesise styles, combining the good bits from various places of inspiration for a creative and unique result. This project incorporates different styles that traditionally contrast—modern and rustic. There is no doubt that the residence from David Guerra Architects and Interiors is an architectural triumph, but it's got so much more than just it's façade—the interior is incredible. Take a closer look here

Think big with a tiny kitchen

It's always good to keep the kitchen space tidy and clean, not just for hygiene purposes, but also to ensure everything is ergonomic and easy to use and that it's a welcoming environment for cooking. Everyone has certain rooms that are there favourite in a home—it could be bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, but there is no denying that kitchens have a certain charm. Many consider them the heart of the home, it's a hub for friends and family dropping by, helping with the cooking or chatting and enjoying a glass of wine. 

Tiny kitchens aren't usually the most welcoming rooms, they can feel claustrophobic or too cluttered. The good news is, there are many solutions to this problem and we've outlined a whole bunch of them this week. Learn how to think big, add space and even a bit of warmth to your small kitchen here: Think big with a tiny kitchen.

A Simple, Small and Impressive House

Small, compact houses have a charm and appeal that you just can't get enough of! They seem to perfectly find the lines between affordability and modernity and architectural fines and homely warmth. 

This home, created by Dutch architects Kwint Architecten is a modern take on a classic relax and rewind and it's simply perfect! It's located on a small river bank, providing for a perfect early morning outlook. The house is built in a traditional country style, giving it a homely feeling, but the shiny black façade adds a dynamic and contemporary feeling. The exterior, surrounded by lush rural greenery gives it an extra special touch, and the various windows and skylights maximise the flow of natural sunlight, adding to the comfortable interior atmosphere. Take a closer look here!

The Best Bathroom According To Your Star Sign

There are many factors that influence our personality, and that which defines it. It can come from our job, from our interests, our ancestry, where we're from, how we're raised, who we associate with—the list is almost endless. Perhaps it's a combination of all these things. Or maybe it comes from the stars, a cosmically designed layout of celestial objects that determine how we're structured, what our experiences will be like, and who we interact best with. 

Regardless of whether you believe in the Zodiac and your place within it, people love this stuff, and there's something timelessly captivating about imagining that it all comes down to the universe in the end. 

Whatever way you see it, it certainly ensures interesting reading, particularly when it comes to what traits, colours and styles are determined for each sign. So, with that in mind, we brought you another charismatic article here on homify to help you determine if fate is really your bathroom designer. Check out the article here, and scroll down to your relevant sign (or read them all!) and see if it fits! 

The Wooden House of Happiness

Who doesn't secretly fantasise about running away and living in a cabin in the woods? This house takes that idea and makes it suddenly feel possible! it's warm, cosy and far enough away from everything else to get some breathing space! Designed by German Architects Woody-Holzhaus, this home is all about precision, practicality and simple but effective architecture. 

It's About 90 square metres in size, and is designed for home comforts – in the most stylish but cosy way possible. Perhaps the real cherry on top, amid the beautiful bedrooms, bathroom and living space is the sauna! As Charles Spurgeon said, It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. 

Which was your favourite article from this week? Did it make it onto this list? Let us know!

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