Unnecessary Household Appliances

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Modern household appliances seem to have been taken over the nuclear home, and with so many infomercials promising magical results, it's no wonder we have become susceptible to these type of adverts! But, this Ideabook from homify hopes to debunk those home improvement uni-taskers that eventually just take up space!

Don't fall prey to these new and improved appliances! Chances are you will just end up going to back to the old fashioned way of doing things… these unnecessary appliances are often made cheaply and won't even last that long. They might be a lot more complicated to use then what it looked like on TV! Either way, these appliances cost money! Start saving for something worthwhile instead, like a dishwasher!

Harmful cleaning products

There are hundreds of cleaning products on the market! But that doesn't mean you should try everything! Very often these new household cleaning agents, are filled with harmful and even toxic chemicals that may make your home look spotless, but have you ever thought about why you keep getting that skin reaction?

These cleaning agents might promise a 99% germ free home, but the chemicals that makes up the product might make you sick! If you have small children, it may be worthwhile to consider an alternative eco-friendly detergent. Children spend most of the time on the floor and tend to even eat from the floor, just think… those toxic chemicals might be ingested by your little ones!

One use cleaning rags

We've all been there… tired of washing the piles of cleaning rags, so we switched to the throw away type. This is not only costly, but definitely not environmentally friendly either! It might be somewhat time consuming to wash cleaning rags, but have you ever considered the money you will save, as well as the impact on the environment? 

It's a small sacrifice of time that can have a major effect on your wallet, and the increasing amount of garbage that just ends up in the landfill sites. Do your part and be environmentally conscious!

Plate warmer

A plate warmer, well that might seem like a great idea to keep your food extra warm for longer, but it will also likely take up more space in your kitchen too! Have you ever thought of investing in stoneware plates? This oven safe alternative means you can now warm your plates in the oven before serving meals! 

Well this interesting idea, will not only save you space, but it is much cheaper than purchasing a plate warmer, so it will save you money too! Using your oven to warm up plates means you can warm up more plates at the same time. You'll never serve cold chicken at a dinner party again!

Egg cooker

The egg cooker. Well, we've all seen miracles from this uni-tasker and how quick and easy it will be to boil eggs for breakfast! But, let's be honest… how often do we eat eggs? Daily? Weekly? Fortnightly? If you eat eggs every day, then you must really enjoy that protein option! 

Boiling eggs the old school style might take a bit longer then the egg cooker, but honestly unless you eat boiled eggs daily and need to save time, the old school method is still the way to go! Making this purchase, will just lead to buying more unnecessary household appliances!

Electric tin opener

We all know why the electric tin opener might seem like a good idea! You are simply tired of that manual tin opener getting stuck or just not working properly. Chances are that it just needs a good clean! So unless you plan to open hundreds of tins daily, purchasing an electric tin opener might just end up costing you a great deal of money, which will not even pay itself off with daily use in a year. Most tin manufacturers have switched to a simple pull tab now anyway!

Instead save that money to consider this fantastic kitchen idea by INDEA.


Steamed vegetables, now that sounds like an excellent and healthy idea! But there are easier and cheaper ways to steam vegetables with items you already have in your kitchen! There is no reason to purchase an appliances just for steaming!

You will need a large pot, water, a stove, a colander and a pot lid. Place the hot water in the pot on the stove until boiling, then place the colander inside the pot and the vegetables inside the colander, cover it with the pot lid. There you go! Your very own, just as efficient steamer! 

If a healthier home is your goal, then A healthy home means a healthier family with this Ideabook!

Which unnecessary household appliances do you own? Do you have a bunch that sit in the cupboards and never get used? Tell us your thoughts...

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