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Brilliant ways to upgrade your bathroom

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So you've had enough of that dank old bathroom you inherited from the previous owners of the home. It's time for something bright, fresh and modern… a comfortable and relaxing bathroom that is reflective of your personality! 

However, any time of home renovation no matter how big or small will make a dent in your savings pocket! So think carefully about what needs to be renovated before beginning with the project, even small adjustments here and there can transform your bathroom entirely!

Whether your personal style is minimalist, luxurious or classic, adding a few upgraded accessories and home furnishings will transform the bathroom into something new and exceptional. This Ideabook by homify is filled with hints and tips to get your bathroom upgrade project started!

First plan, then begin

Before making any purchases or visiting a home improvement store, analyse what is in need of a change in your bathroom. Is it the colours? The wall tiles? The flooring or the lighting? What do you think is missing from this space? Take your time before making a decision or forking out any money. 

Don't forget to create a budget and schedule, and stick to it! This is necessary to ensure that you do not spend or overspend on something unplanned or unnecessary! The best time to get started with any renovation is immediately after you decide what you want. If a classic bathroom idea is what you are looking for, then this simple and modern design by KAEEL.GROUP ARCHITEKCI is truly perfect!

Let in the light with a new window

Natural sunlight can go a long way in creating a comfortable bathroom. A bathroom with sunlight streaming in through the window is not commonly found in apartments in the city centre. This can make a bathroom seem dark and dreary. Although light in the bathroom is mostly needed for brushing teeth, applying make up or shaving, there is something pleasant about a naturally lit bathroom! 

Adding windows to a bathroom might not be that easy, especially in apartments where the bathroom does not have an external wall. It might be a good idea to install some fantastic lights instead. This is a cheaper option then adding a new window! 

A single light will not do much to illuminate your bathroom, it is therefore important to consider including downlights in the ceiling, and possibly even indirect lights mounted in the floor. Always match the type of lights and choose a warm white light for optimal cosiness! You won't even realise that there is no window!

If your problem is damp and mold in your bathroom, then this Ideabook will help you: Prevent bathroom moisture with this watertight advice.

Basin basics

Vanity unit homify BathroomStorage

Vanity unit


How about changing your sink area? A revamped washing area where the sink, fitting, shelves and cupboards have all received a facelift? Well that is a great idea! There are a wide range of possibilities to creating a great and washing area, this can be simple for example a sink upgrade or a bit more involved, such as replacing the entire cabinet and sink with something more sleek and modern, perhaps in a precious wood, for elegance.

How about renewing the fittings? Add some gloss to your bathroom by replacing the tile above the sink for a contemporary design, which will remain trendy for years to come! Don't forget to include some storage space for your essentials!

A friendly touch

What do you think about this colourful bathroom wall? It might be something that you would see in an upmarket French restaurant? The walls are adorable and definitely adds a personal and creative touch to the bathroom. The bright colours and fabulous illumination adds a vibrancy to this elegant bathroom. 

Did you even realise that there is no window for natural sunlight? This fascinating design by the team at INAIN® interior design will surely be a topic of conversation at your next dinner party!

Plant decoration

A touch of green in your bathroom… no we don't mean the paint! How about adding some creative plant decoration to create a comfortable nature friendly interior. Plants add an elemental dynamic and freshness that any homeowner will appreciate.

However, carefully consider the types of plants that you would like to include in your bathroom, tropical or subtropical plants are an ideal choice, while lush greenery and Orchids adds a pure luxurious feel. Cyprus grass, cacti or ivy are perfect for a humid bathroom, especially those without windows!

Mirror style

mirror is a must-have in any bathroom, but a mirror along with natural sunlight brightens the space, while bringing in a beautiful fresh and vibrant atmosphere that is pleasant and comfortable. The sunlight reflects the mirror creating an even brighter illumination! 

If your bathroom does not have windows, then include gentle lighting around the mirror, you can now comfortably apply makeup in your bathroom! This fantastic and versatile mirrored cabinet is the perfect addition to any bathroom. The minimalist and modern style is simple and may be great in a small bathroom too!

Some luxury

A luxurious bathroom reminiscent of a five star hotel, who wouldn't want that in their own home? It's eye-catching and will add value to any home, but at a cost! Recreating the hotel experience is easy though, simply add some aesthetic accessories around the sink, such as candles, scented bath oil and essences for that luxury experience. 

When choosing colours for your luxury bathroom, look at rich creams, gold or silver, but for a more natural design, consider wood, leather and chrome, incorporating this colour scheme into the accessories such as towel rail, soap dispenser and even the cosmetic bin. Still in need of inspiration for your bathroom, these Simple ideas to modernise your bathroom might just be the tips you've been looking for!

Have you upgraded your bathroom recently? Which style option did you consider?

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