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A creative closet revamp

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a closet. For those who are lucky to have this extra space in their home, keeping it clean and organised is no easy task! But, since it’s still the beginning of 2016, now is the perfect time to get rid of those clothes you no longer wear and even rethink and re-organise your closet!

Optimising closet space is imperative, this means removing clutter, broken and out of style clothing, shoes and bags and starting from the beginning! In this Ideabook compiled by the team at homify, we look at six fantastic closets, each serving as a guide to re-organising and tidying up the most essential storage space in our homes! These ideas will make it easier to find anything—from that little black dress to those floral stilettos you forgot you had! Let’s get started!

Get rid of the items you no longer like

First things first—grab three empty boxes, label them as follows: donation, waste and provisional. In the donation box, think of the items that you like, but no longer suit your style. Think of this box as a means of purging those old school items that could be put to better use by someone else. 

You can either donate these items an organisation or ask some family or friends if they might want to have a look to see if they like anything. How about selling them online or taking the clothing to a vintage market? You may still be able to recover some of the amount spent on these items after all!

Get rid of items that no longer fit

Have a look for items of clothing that don't fit you anymore. Maybe at some point in your life you could squeeze into those jeans, but be realistic… do they still fit you? If you are trying actively to fit into your old clothing again, then those items can be dropped into the provisional box. 

However, if there is no way of these items ever fitting you again and they are still in good condition, then the donation box is where they belong! The more items you keep and store unnecessarily, the less space you will have for new items that actually fit you!

The No Solution Items

These are clothing items that are destined for waste, they are broken and in poor condition beyond repair and includes anything from a tattered jersey to broken handbags or shoes. If these items are too damaged to be worn by you, then they are definitely too damaged to be worn by someone else, right? So these items belong in the waste box.

But, before you throw them away, old cotton shirts and pyjamas make excellent cloths for wiping off dust from furniture! Rip the fabric apart and you will have enough dusting cloths for the rest of the year! Now just get polishing!

Separate the hanging from the folded

With the unnecessary items gone and forgotten, now is the perfect time to start over with only the essentials at hand. It is time to start organising and packing up the clothing you decided to keep. There are two very important ways to store items that need to be included in your closet: hanging space and storage for folded clothing, even if you don't have drawers. 

This fantastic and elegant closet by the team at Art-i-Chok, has a spacious and well-lit hanging space, with enough extra storage for those new clothes you'll be buying to fill up this beautiful designer closet! It seems like it's straight out of a celeb home, doesn't it?

Separate clothes for occasions

Any woman dreams of a large closet and dressing room located in her bedroom. A space where clothing can breathe, housed in elegant all-white shelves with brilliant lights. A space where there is enough shelves, drawers and closet space to separate and store everything from ball gowns to winter coats, stiletto boots to the vast range of comfortable running shoes. 

This closet is perfect! It has ample storage for shoes and handbags, accessories, jerseys and even cute maxi dresses for those summer Sunday's. Now you can co-ordinate your space by genre and colour! It's so beautiful. Just stare in admiration!

Practical seasonal storage

We end our Ideabook today with a practical example of closet storage. If summer is in, it's time to store your winter clothes somewhere else to make extra space for your floral and breezy items, especially if your closet space isn't that big. So consider putting all your winter items in vacuum sealed plastic bags and store them in an unused bedroom closet or perhaps the attic?

But, just in case the weather changes suddenly, keep at least one jacket and boots in your bedroom cupboard for those days when you just might need it. Once winter makes an appearance again, pack away all your summer items and replace them with your winter stock! 

If you have no space for a closet, but want to create a cool storage space in your home anyway, have a look at this Ideabook: Alternative clothes storage ideas for those without a closet.

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