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​The smart and affordable weekend container home

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It’s time for a break – a getaway from the city’s traffic, pollution and insane deadlines is just what we need. So, we are breaking away for the weekend to relax and de-stress. Our accommodation option? A compact yet stylish container house!

But before you object in favour of a five-star hotel instead – container homes are a lot more cost-effective. In addition, they are also deemed more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as brick and cement. The fact is that a lot of people choose a container home as their permanent residence for the abovementioned reasons, as well as a host of others. 

To treat us to a compact little space of style, Korean architects Unibox are showing us one of their container creations. A 20-feet structure that flaunts comfortable interior spaces such as a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, this compact design certainly is worth a look.

The side view

We kick off with a side view, and upon first gaze we see a stunning blend of metal and wood. It even comes complete with a little patio where we can sit and enjoy that sunset (and beverage of choice). 

A hint of bright orange colour breaks enjoyably through those neutral tones, adding a sense of warmth and comfort to the facade. And with all the windows and glass doors visible from the outside, we can rest assured that we won’t be stumbling around in the dark on the inside.

The front facade

From this angle, one will be forgiven for thinking that we are looking at a typical ground-floor house. With that spacious yard (complete with stepping stones) and mountainous backdrop, this visual presents the ideal getaway for a weekend breather.  

To really set the mood, the house comes with a barbeque area, ensuring that the weary and overworked mind and body will enjoy some delicious food in addition to that stylish weekend accommodation.

The side door

For those hot summer days when we need all the fresh air we can get, we simply open the left-side angle and slide open that glass door – fresh air and natural light in an instant! This is where the bedroom is located, and as you can see it even opens up onto a choice of two patios. 

From sliding doors to a host of other options, we present: Doors that dare to be different.

The hot spot

Everybody knows that a weekend getaway just isn’t the same without adequate time spent outdoors. Well, with that wooden patio, there are no excuses to be cooped up inside. Place a table and chair outside for some al fresco dining, or simply opt to have the loungers there to enjoy some afternoon dozing. And for stargazing at night? There’s no better spot than right here!

Free-flowing areas

Container homes mostly make use of open floor-plans, ensuring seamless integration between the different rooms. The only exception, of course, is when it comes to those areas where privacy is not an option, like the bathroom or bedroom. 

Here we see the kitchen and living area sharing a charming space, decked out in a sunny timber floor and soft beige walls and ceiling. Adding as much light colours as possible contributes to the visual spaciousness of the interior, as well as adding windows and glass doors to ensure adequate natural light streaming inside. 

All the most basic appliances were included in the kitchen, ensuring no problem when it comes to cooking, food prepping, and cleaning.

Hot or cold?

As noted earlier, natural light plays a big part in the interior – but what if we want to enjoy some shade? That’s what those blinds are for, ensuring adequate protection from the moving sunlight throughout the day. 

The glass used in the windows and doors also serve as ideal insulation factors, collecting that nice and warm sunshine indoors for when a winter weekend getaway is being enjoyed. 

Notice the spaciousness in the living room. There is more than sufficient space for a charming living room set and coffee table (perhaps even a bookcase or TV set?). 

How would you go about decorating this living room?

The bedroom

The bedroom opens up directly onto the kitchen. However, two other sliding doors open up to the outside patios, which makes for fantastic means of enjoying a cool breeze should one want to enjoy some reading or afternoon dozing.  

Want to gaze upon some stylish scenes for those sweet dreams? See our wide range of bedrooms here on homify.

A panoramic view

Before we’re off to pack for the weekend, a quick panoramic view of the entire interior layout. Here we get a proper vision of the house’s layout, and just now neat and open it is. High-quality materials, light neutral colours, sufficient legroom and proper appliances ensure a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere—after all, a weekend break has to leave one feeling refreshed and relaxed!

A neat little weekend space? Or not really your style? We love ‘em, but what do YOU think of container homes?

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