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​The small house with a big heart

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They say it’s what’s inside that counts, and our homify 360° discovery for today will prove just how true that is!

Not everybody has the luxury to afford a 10-room mansion – but then again, not everybody wants to live in a 10-room mansion. Just as our bank accounts differ, so do our personal tastes. From gigantic houses to top-floor urban lofts, we all have our spaces that we deem desirable. 

German professionals Fingerhaus GMBH take the credit for today’s discovery – a creation that looks like a quaint little residence in a typical suburban street from the outside, and then pulls the designer floor out from under you once you set foot inside! 

Let’s see this fine example of northern European architecture that packs a big punch on the inside…

A relaxing backyard

We kick off our tour with a sneak peek at the back of the house. Linear designs and neutral colour schemes greet us with a very modern “hello”, and invite us to have a comfortable sit-down on that patio dining set. 

An elegant wooden deck marks off a stylish spot for us to relax here in the backyard. And we just love how clean and tranquil all the tones and materials make this area look, especially that sandy gravel, which is very reminiscent of an afternoon on the beach.

A house with charm

When gazed at from the front side (street view), the house flaunts the same charming facade it does from the back. It really does look a bit space-pressed, yet what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in aesthetic style. 

The overhang directs us to the main entrance, where the dark front door stands out most strikingly from the powder-toned walls. 

A pristine landscaped garden greets us at the front, adding a tiny touch of natural colours to this modern construction with its metal hues.

Space for style

And just like we teased earlier, there is an amazing amount of space once you cross that threshold! A large corner sofa can stylishly provide lush seating for an entire family, without anybody feeling cramped. 

The chic tiled floor in a cocoa tone is the darkest element in this living room, as all the other colours dance remarkably between whites, creams, beiges and pinks. A stunning coffee table and side table enhance those modern furniture elements to perfection. 

And since we on homify are big fans of natural lighting, we are delighted to see a stream of it entering through those glass doors, adding some welcome illumination to the living room.

An open way of living

Sharing the open floor-plan with the living room is the kitchen, with a beautiful dining area separating the two. Modern furniture continue to liven up every square inch with style, while the (mostly) neutral colours do a fantastic job of adding more visual space to the house. 

Wall art speaking of delicious cakes and cappuccinos grace the kitchen wall (and add some popping colour), while a very glamorous glass chandelier enhances that dining space to perfection. Is this not the perfect way to dine – with glamour and charm combined?

More space at the steps

And lo and behold, a staircase that leads to the first floor! Boasting a very sexy look of tanned timber and stainless steel, the open-riser staircase makes a very striking piece that flaunts the house’s modern look quite perfectly. 

Although decor show up in the form of a potted plant, wall art and a very unique ceiling light, this area is quite ‘less is more’, allowing the space to speak for itself.

Let’s take a few steps back – or up! We’ve got the style tips when it comes to: Decorating your stairway to heaven.

The ideal room?

More space is revealed in the upstairs bathroom, the one room that we thought would be a bit on the small side. Certainly not the case, as there’s even a sauna! Is that not the most perfect way to relax and de-stress after a hard day? 

Glass doors expertly allow natural light to flood the interiors, and if it’s a case of privacy, all we do is turn those blinds down. Delicious mixes of wood, concrete, tile, glass and stone adorn the bathroom space, as feminine touches of lilac stunningly break through those neutral tones. 

Starting every morning in a bathroom like this can only lead to happy days! 

One last look

For our last look at this wonder of a house, we present a surprise element of luxury – a delicious swimming pool in the backyard, providing the perfect view for the ones who prefer to lounge on that sexy wooden deck. 

Seeing the house from the outside once again makes us wonder how they fit all that space and style into such a little home. Just goes to show you: never judge a book by its cover!

Were you just as surprised as we at all that space? Tell us what you think of this house.

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