​8 paving ideas for the front of your house

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The front sides of our homes are privy to many elements, including grass, plants and flowers, fences and gates. But what about the pavement? Yes, pavers are also included, and here is where a whole new world of excitement and possibility opens up. 

But did you know that when it comes to paving ideas, it is about so much more than simply putting some puzzle pieces together? As there exist numerous materials and patterns to choose from, it means that your house’s front side can flaunt a perfectly unique look from your neighbour’s. 

And speaking of patterns, we have rounded up the eight most popular ones for front-house paving, whether it’s for the front garden, driveway leading to the garage, front-side patio, etc. Each of these motifs come with their own defining characteristics and challenges, meaning a bit of research and planning on your part before picking the perfect one for your house’s front side.

1. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Herringbone

Based on homes in old English landscapes, this design features pavers that are organised in alternate directions forming a V-shape. Known as one of the classic options for flooring designs (both indoor and out), herringbone patterns ensure a strong visual impact that can be seen in most driveways, patios and walkways, both in South Africa and abroad. 

To create a herringbone pattern for your home’s front paving, lay the pavers at either a 45 or 90 degree angle. The overall pattern and design will be determined by the angle you choose.

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2. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Flagstone

Not all paving ideas need to consist of perfectly planned (and proportioned) patterns. With flagstone, you can lay irregular-shaped stones arranged in no particular order. This ensures you have lots of freedom in your pavement’s design, as there is no defined motif or shape to follow. 

Although this design works best in rustic settings due to its inconsistent styling, a flagstone walkway can be added to virtually any house, regardless of its exterior style. 

homify hint: For a particularly beautiful walkway, pair up your flagstone pavement with neatly trimmed grass. Although constant maintenance will be crucial for your lawn to ensure it stays healthy and adequately short, the grassy areas will help define the shape and beauty of the flagstone.

3. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Basket weave

One of the most popular walkway designs in South Africa, the basket weave is perfect for those who love a vintage / historic look for their homes’ exterior spaces. And it’s so easy to get right – simply alternate the pavers between vertical- and horizontal pairs. 

To get even more creative, use different colours for your pavers.

4. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Running bond

Modern family home in the heart of Simbithi Eco Estate CA Architects Modern houses
CA Architects

Modern family home in the heart of Simbithi Eco Estate

CA Architects

Since it’s so easy to lay and install, the running bond remains one of the most popular patterns, both locally and overseas. In addition, this design also proves to be the most efficient, seeing as it produces the least amount of waste compared to other options. 

Opt for the running bond to make your small walkway or patio appear larger – those simple, linear lines have a magical ability to make smaller spaces seem bigger and more open!

5. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Chequered

Expertly mimicking a chess board, the chequered style remains one of the most popular patterns for classic / traditional designs. In most instances, two randomly different colours are used to highlight the pattern, although different surfaces / materials can also be used, like stone and grass, gravel and wood, etc. 

But of course we are not limited to using only perfectly square or rectangular shapes, as one can also attempt different pavers of varying sizes and shapes for a unique look.

6. Paving ideas for the front of your house: The European fan

Hugely popular in Europe, the European fan is one of the most challenging due to its circular / fan-like design. To make it easier, a kit can be used when laying this pattern. But even though the design and installation can be tricky, this option does allow some flexibility when it comes to fan size and colour.

7. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Cobblestone

Cobblestones were originally small stones rounded by the flow of water. These were gathered from stream beds and used to pave the streets of old England. Today, the picture looks slightly different, for cobblestone can also flaunt a regular shape. 

For a more striking appearance, cobblestones can be mixed with flagstone finishes and similar designs.

8. Paving ideas for the front of your house: Circular designs

Waterkloof heights Gorgeous Gardens Classic style garden
Gorgeous Gardens

Waterkloof heights

Gorgeous Gardens

It’s not difficult to spot a circular design, especially when it comes to large driveways or patios. To get this design perfect, one needs to layer the paver in a circular pattern, starting from the centre. 

Circular patterns are quite popular with round seating areas in yards or gardens, but can be used almost anywhere. 

Modern paving ideas have also included circular designs mixed with a herringbone finish or basket weave, ensuring a flooring surface sporting an abundance of patterns and detail. 

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Which paving idea / pattern do you choose for styling up your house’s front surface?

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