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Install a Wood Stove!

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A wood stove is a great way to heat a room up without increasing your electricity bill. Wood stoves provide a cozy fire from a renewable energy source. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is the ideal choice when it comes to an economical or environmentally conscious family. And in this day and age, who isn't?

For security purposes, when installing a stove, make sure to meet construction requirements as well as the local installation processes. 

The instructions in this article are generalised and you will need to apply them to your unique situation.

1. Choose a certified wood stove

As you shop for wood stoves, make sure that you check that the stove you are considering buying is properly certified and that the safety and environmental criteria are met. 

In South Africa there are many wood stoves manufacturers who supply safe products that are of high quality. They also look fantastic too. 

Have a browse through Homify's rustic products to get a sense of what wood stoves look like and how they would fit into your home. You may be completely inspired!

2. Choose the location of your wood stove

The location of you wood stove should be decided before you make the purchase. Generally, with regards to the location, you'll want your stove to be placed on the first floor of your home in a place where you spend most of your time, such as the living room. You want it to effectively warm up this area throughout the day.

To further optimise the efficiency of your wood stove, try to choose a place in a room that has especially good insulation so that the heat from the stove is not lost through the walls or windows. Keep in mind that each wood stove requires a chimney. 

These all need to be taken into account before you choose a location for your wood stove.

3. Compliance with safety

Wood stoves can get extremely hot during use. This projected heat from the stove can damage the walls and the furniture nearby and can be a serious risk. 

This is why it's important to comply with a minimum safety distance between the wood stove and the walls and the floors nearby. This distance depends on where you live, if the floors and walls of your home are combustible and the type and size of wood stove that you want.

If you're worried about this or you aren't sure what the right distance should be, contact the manufacturer of your stove immediately.

4. Choose the right size stove

Don't you just love this design by Poeles a Bois Charleston?

Generally, the bigger the wood stove is, the more intense the heat will be. So a big wood stove will provide too much heat for small rooms. Most wood stove manufacturers will provide you with the information around heat emissions so that you have all of the information when it comes to your stove.

That being said, the heating of your home may vary depending on the climate and the size of your home. So if you have any questions, contact your manufacturer 

The question is: what style of fireplace would you like? Have a look through the Homify range.

5. The installation of your wood stove

Modern design wine rack Esigo 5 Esigo SRL Dining roomWine racks Wood
Esigo SRL

Modern design wine rack Esigo 5

Esigo SRL

Information: The installation of a wood stove may require specific permission from the local authorities to ensure that you follow the safety rules. Inform the relevant authorities and, if you're renting, make sure that you clear it with your landlord first. 

Installing a carpet: Floor mats are essential when it comes to operating a wood stove safely as they guarantee protection of the floor when it comes to sparks flying or embers falling from the stove. The carpet will prevent any risk of fire when these elements come into contact with the ground.

Installation of a heat shield: Add a heat shield to protect combustible walls. The installation of thermal protection on the walls around the site of the fireplace or wood stave may also reduce any further risk of fire or injury.

How elegant and classic is this design, by Esigo SRL?

6. The installation of your wood stove (continued)

 Gently move the stove into position: If you have not hired a professional to help you to put the stove into position, then you may need to move the stove yourself. Wood stoves that are made of metal can be incredibly heavy so be sure to take all of the necessary steps needed to protect yourself when you move the stove around.

Install a chimney: A fireplace that works well is absolutely crucial to making the most of your wood stove. Your chimney should direct all of the smoke and sediment away from your beautiful home. A fireplace or wood stove that is not installed properly may leave your home full of horrible odors and harmful traces of smoke and soot. 

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Are you satisfied with the installation of your wood stove? Do you wish you had one? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below...

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