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Everything would be easier if life came with a set of instructions. If we can overcome exactly what we need to do and how we should do it, life would be much simpler, especially if we know how, when, and where to start. Dreaming is one of the most beautiful activities in life, and it is free. Dreaming is the engine that helps us imagine what we would like to have and do, and therefore dreaming is like planning our life. Every act, every decision and every step we take must be focused on achieving our dream. To own a home is one of the most universal dreams. No matter if it is one of your priorities or not, it is always on the list. The big problem with this dream, and all others, is that to achieve it we require a big step to start with, and like all great things, this sometimes terrifies us.

To buy or to build? That is the dilemma when we dare to eventually take the big step. Building our own house brings more perks, especially the great advantage that we can choose absolutely everything to our liking. To help you make your best decisions in order to achieve the result which is your perfect home, we'll give you some tips so you know how you should build your house, step by step.

Start dreaming, it's important!

To start, we must find the beginning of the thread. The first step to start construction is to decide on the type of home you want and need. With this we mean to choose whether our home should have one or two floors, only for the family or for guests, prefabricated or classical. The truth is that this point is very simple. You just need to go write down all the things that has gone through your head for years when you think of your ideal home. Do not limit yourself and dare to go for a dream house…

To the drawing board

As mentioned above, once you've dreamed of your ideal home and determined the most basic aspects of it, you need to go into detail, and start drawing plans and sketches on your actual image. You must decide on the number of rooms, if you want to have a patio, terrace or garden, if you need a garage, and if you want to include a basement or attic. Obviously, all this will be done based on the size of the land, and the place where it will be built. Remember that the important thing is to get the home you've always wanted.

Calculate the budget

When you've drawn and reflected on paper all you want, then it's time to calculate how much it will cost. So now you can go choosing building materials, and if you think some are very expensive, do not worry, there are various saving techniques to help you save. One way involves coatings. You can have the same beautiful appearance, but with a more affordable price. Also remember that even with the same material, you can always find different prices. Check with various companies and choose the one that best suits your pocket, but keep in mind the quality of materials and expenses that will be involved in the long term.

Choose the presentation

The exterior of a house is as important as the interior. It is the image and face with which all of your neighbours will identify you. So, choosing the facade is a difficult task. In addition you must also choose the right materials, if you want to have a porch, patio or garden. Remember that in these areas the materials must withstand inclement weather and the passage of time. So we recommend resistant materials, with intense colours and which are easy to obtain. If you want to give a special touch to your home, do not hesitate to add some light details, and you will achieve a modern and sophisticated look, like with this facade designed by Roto Arquitectura.

Pipes and heating

The inside is as important as the outside, and with that we are not referring only to the design of interiors and exteriors, but also like the veins of your home. These are the elements that will make your home work to perfection, like pipes and other facilities such as heating. One of the main features of a home is that it protects us from the outside, but the truth is that this might as well be a cave. If you want a real home, then you must be very careful in choosing services and the environment. A house is a warm place to show love, and therefore we must take care that the temperature remains appropriate, and that our pipes work well.

The electrical system

If the pipes are like the veins of our home, the power grid is like the nervous system. Not only because of the flashes and fast reaction, but also because the illumination of our rooms have an effect on the environment and on our mood. Take care that the electrical facility is protected, adequate and working perfectly.

Take care of the interior

The living space of your home is the most important. It is the spaces that interests you because it is you enjoy most. So, you should take extra care in the interior design and choice of materials. Remember that decorating is a way of showing love, and the rooms are excellent spaces to create fabulous combinations. Try to always keep the areas in unity, which may be established by the choice of materials, or the colour palette, as in this design concept by Architecture Workshop.  

Now that you have a step-by-step for designing your own home, take a look at this ideabook on how to design your own holistic garden to go with it!

Are you busy designing your own home? Have you designed a home before? We'd love to hear about your experiences!

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