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Amazing ideas for kids' bedrooms

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
MARIANGEL COGHLAN Nursery/kid’s room
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Considering revamping your kid's bedroom, but don’t know where to start? Creating a fun space for your little ones to enjoy can be a fantastic adventure! However, this fun filled family day can very soon become a headache… but, proper planning can mitigate any potential issues that may occur. It is therefore very important to plan everything from your budget, to where fun decorative items will be found!

When remodelling this bedroom consider these important aspects before you begin: Space available, security, the correct bed as well creative walls that are good for storage too. In this edition of homify, we tackle each of these issues and iron out possible solutions. There will always be unplanned hiccups in any home renovation, but it’s how the problems are managed that is of utmost importance. Interested? Well then, let’s get started!

Consider a few ideas

A bedroom for your child should not only be a place to sleep, it should also be a space to play, a room of safety and security as well as a space to learn and just be their unique little self. This excellent idea is perfect is floor space is limited in your child’s room. 

The fantastic design by Mariangel Coghlan takes full advantage of the vertical height available in this bedroom, creating a three distinct functional zones: sitting, study area and a recreation space. The colours are a bit more simple and serious, making this the perfect sleeping quarters for a teenager or young adult, but this space can definitely be adapted to the needs of younger children.

The available space

Before you begin with any bedroom revamp, look at the space you have available in the bedroom. This will greatly affect the size of the bed, how much storage space can be included and even the best colours to create a cosy environment.

Regardless of the theme you are considering, it is very important to establish a budget, the budget will act as a guideline and can be the deciding vote in choosing furniture that is perfect for your theme, but at an alarming price! It is also imperative to look at the functional areas which the bedroom can be divided into, such as the play area and sleeping quarter. Including natural sunlight into your design will make the space seem larger and more inviting too!

Safety factor

When remodelling a kid’s bedroom it is vital to look at the safety aspects of the space, we may not be able to monitor them all the time, but the best we can do is look at ways to avoid accidents. It is important that furniture such as bedside tables, cabinets and chest of drawers be fixed to the floor, while bearing in mind that shelves should not be out of reach. It is also best to consider a bed that is lower to the ground, just in case they fall off the bed. Try to look at the bedroom as a potential hazard… small children are experts in seeking out dangerous spots!

Bed ideas

The bed choice is the perfect opportunity to involve children! Whether it’s a castle, car or even just a bed in a vibrant colour, any child will have a creative idea about where they want to sleep. However, if space is a problem and two or more children are sharing a room, then bunk beds might just be the option for you! It’s a fun space saver that can look great too! But, if your kid’s each have their own room, then take advantage of the space and their individuality! Why not create something cool and functional?

Creative walls

While choosing a bed might be something a bit more long term for your child, creating a fun bedroom with creative walls can be altered a bit more easily every few years. The example in the image is an excellent take on creativity by Cristiana Resina. A more attractive kid’s room is within reach and can be adorable in their favourite colours or characters! Bring your child’s imagination to life through these awesome decorative tips!

Bookcases and shelves?

We end our Ideabook today with a look at storage solutions for your child’s bedroom. Bookcases and shelves can create the perfect storage solution, they are versatile and can be set at the perfect height for your child! Also, adding some bright colours will instantly add a fantastic element to a bedroom! If more creative ideas for your kid’s bedroom is what you are after, then have a look at this Ideabook and add 6 tips your kid would love in their bedroom.

Have you revamped your kid's bedroom? Share your tips with us! 

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