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When it comes to having your friends and family over, is there anything better than being able to whip up a roast or host a braai? Having accessories to help us cook and cater for more people is an absolute pleasure, not only for your immediate family. An outside cooking feature on the patio is the solution when you are cooking for a big group, because you aren't constrained to the size of the kitchen!

And cooking is so much more pleasant when you can share it with guests. Cooking a big roast, for example, for your guests is a wonderful experience! And if you're cooking outside in front of them, you will get all sorts of suggestions and help! If anyone is bugging you though, you can just smile and ignore them.

Designing a grill or oven for the terrace with these steps to help you will leave you with the best facilities for your next party!

1. Define the space

A good space for this type of oven or outside grill is the terrace or the pool area, especially if it is covered with a pergola or an awning.

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All you need is a space with a concrete floor, where chairs or loungers for the pool live—this is the perfect place to build your grill or oven. It is important, however, before buying anything to determine where you are going place it. Space is a priority, especially when it comes to the size of your oven or grill. Additional accessories will also need to be placed around the oven or grill.

Therefore, it's important to take into account the dimensions of your design far in advance. Remember to not only allocate space for your braai or oven, but also for the space that you will need to work with.

If you plan to have lots of guests over, you should also make sure that there will still be enough space to host them on the patio. So if your space is limited, than go for a smaller oven or grill. In this way all of your guests will feel comfortable and there will still be room for a proper table, where your drinks, ice and salads can be placed, especially if your patio is not near the kitchen.

2. Design the wood oven or grill so that it fits the space, your taste and budget

A fixed braai, grill or oven is really a kitchen cabinet and feature that is not inside of the house. Although it will be outside, it will be heavy and fixed by its volume and weight, so it won't be easy to move it around or relocate it. This is why you really have to carefully decide where it's going to be placed.

Also ensure that your outside floor has a durable cement or tiled surface. The choice of flooring will depend on your style and tastes, but no matter what happens, make sure that it is level.

It's also advisable to have a drain point close to this area and decide whether it will be gas or electrically powered before you go ahead with the project. Also consider hiring professionals to install it—and then you'll be ready to safely use it!

If you do not have a roof to protect your oven or grill, make sure that you purchase a durable one with a glossy finish. It's very important to maintain and look after it! Every time you use it, clean it straight away according to the instructions that you receive with it. Removing the remains of food and meat left in it is very important! If you don't, you can end up rusting the device. 

You can purchase brushes and other equipment to help you clean too. Make it a habit and you will be able to use your oven or braai for the rest of time—making it a great investment.

Have a look through these homify products for inspiration.

3. Place a roof over the terrace to make it more welcoming

While the ideal place to have a fireplace is outside, it's great to add a roof, enabling a more pleasant and cozy space when you're enjoying your favourite roast in good company. 

Choosing a roof depends on how much space that you have. As we mentioned earlier, installing a pergola allows for shade and cover over your patio, which is fantastic.

If a pergola is a bit too much for you, you can always line it with vines, plants and flowers, such as bougainvillea. It adds beautiful bright colours to the space, like in this design by Colectivo Creativo. This type of plant also doesn't need much watering or maintenance, as it blooms all year.

Whether you go for a closed roof or a pergola, also remember to choose materials that work with the style of your home as well as your exterior space.

4. Choose furniture to make the terrace more comfortable

The key to a good outside cooking space, is wonderful furniture that goes with it!

When choosing furniture, everything depends on the space available and the style of your home. Outdoor furniture is always a great investment and is easier to keep than interior furniture because the styles are more timeless.

The rest depends on space, style and maintenance. Furniture should be comfortable and practical, working well for its purpose—sitting, eating and chatting with friends.

This image shows a more formal patio area, but you need to decide what look you are going for. We will give you this advice: keep in mind what we have said before choosing furniture and always think about the style of your home, the space available and the maintenance of the furniture.

5. Include plants and flowers on the terrace

In an area where you will be gathering to enjoy food with your favourite people, the key is to have a wonderful and pretty environment. A fresh and natural environment is the most ideal place for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed. Flowers, either in pots or planted around the garden that surrounds the patio, combined with beautiful furniture and low tables to place drinks and food, is a great decor feature. 

A relaxed family atmosphere is very important for these types of gatherings. You don't want to be stressing about glasses of wine or beer being spilled or a piece of fat from the meat being dropped on the floor. Therefore opt for durable furniture and flooring that is easy to clean. Mistakes like these are common at these types of events.

The fresh and natural is not only for the family to enjoy, but all of the guests too.

Don't you love the natural beauty in this design by Huga Architects?

6. Do not forget lighting

A celebration, birthday, christening or public holiday are all fantastic reasons to host an outdoor dinner or braai with a group of friends. Often these events occur over lunch time and end up being memorable celebrations with good food and drink. Sometimes they end up lasting well into the night! Other times, you may want to have a breakfast party. There is no specified time to have a good time with your dear friends!

You cannot host a party, however, without featuring good lighting on your terrace. Lighting walls or floors, like the ones seen in this photograph, are an absolute must. 

If you have a roof or pergola, then you can place lighting on the roof too. It is a great decor feature for the night and can work well with lamps or lanterns. 

You can find these types of lights in any specialised store and it will create a much more welcoming atmosphere in the garden. 

Tip: Choosing lighting and lamps that are designed for the outside. They need to be durable in the weather.

7. Important detail: decorate the table and enjoy!

A table with a cheerful tablecloth, flowers and some decor will look marvelous next to your garden. With your beautiful flowers and plants and your bougainvillea flowers arranged as if you were a design professional in a florist will be well received by your guests.

You also don't only have to decorate your table when it's the holidays or for a special occasion. You can place fantastic ornaments and accessories in this space in a variety of colours and designs that last all year round. Or you can opt for disposable tablecloths, glasses and plates so that at each occasion you change the colours and the style.

Either way, take care in decorating this space and it will be remembered and complemented by all! This will form the base of a fantastic morning, afternoon or evening of entertaining good company.

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