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It’s no surprise that a room’s floor, furniture and walls get all the attention – but that doesn’t make it right. After all, when one considers the important task of a ceiling (something which all architects can agree on), doesn’t it deserve just a little bit more focus? 

Unfortunately, even when it comes to ceiling design, ceilings usually get nothing more than a lick of white enamel every few years. It’s as if people don’t know about the potential that a beautiful ceiling possesses. With a creative and stunning ceiling design, it can become a most unique focal point in any room, regardless of whether it’s the social spaces in a house (like the living room and kitchen) or the more private areas (such as the bedrooms). 

Fortunately, we’ve gathered some ceiling design tips that can help make you see your room’s fifth wall in an entirely different way…

1. Ceiling design ideas: Cute cornices

If you don’t have more than a day (or a huge budget) to give your ceiling a new look, we recommend cornices. These ceiling mouldings are almost effortless to install (should you possess the appropriate DIY skills, have the right tutorial on hand, or partner up with a seasoned professional), plus they come available in a multitude of looks.

Pick the one that suits your personal style (and your room’s look) and make it yours!

2. Ceiling design ideas: A dash of colour

Not in the mood to paint the entire ceiling? Or those walls? How about giving your ceiling cornices a colour makeover instead? 

Picture combining a muted palette on your walls with a pop of colour on those newly installed cornices – or vice versa, where your walls sport a funky/bold tint, while the cornices add a touch of stark white (or other soft neutral hue) to the room. 

Cornice mouldings are made from polystyrene and can be painted with either water-based or acrylic paints. This is also quite the cost-effective project, as you’ll be using way less paint than for walls.

3. Ceiling design ideas: A metallic makeover

Sometimes high ceilings are a blessing, other times they diminish the room’s additional features. A simple solution to this is with a coat of metallic paint on your dull white ceiling. Bronzes, dusty golds and silvers can add a striking touch to the room while complementing your room’s existing furnishings and décor.

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4. Ceiling design ideas: How about some wood?

Does your ceiling require something more than simple colour? For texture, we recommend wooden wall panels – but on the ceiling! 

Create creative patterns across your entire ceiling for an “oh, wow” look. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even experiment with different wood tones. Or use those wood panels combined with cornices to create a border around the ceiling or light fitting.

5. Ceiling design ideas: A ceiling rose

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There’s something about ceiling roses that takes one back to vintage times, especially when applied to high ceilings. These touches are ideal for livening up a dull ceiling, breaking up a large space, and drawing attention to your lighting fixture. 

Ceiling roses are also used to conceal the wiring of electrical fittings. For extra character, combine ceiling roses with a framing border made of cornices. 

Similar to other mouldings, ceiling roses can be painted with either water-based or acrylic paints, as they are made from polystyrene.

6. Ceiling design ideas: How about some tiles?

Want to get busy with a DIY project that won’t require too much prep work? Ceiling tiles is the answer. 

These tiles adhere to ceiling boards whether painted or unpainted, and are easy to use (no need to call up a handyman if you’re a pro with DIY tasks around the house). Just make sure you have all the necessary tools before starting.

7. Ceiling design ideas: Lighten it up

Who says you need to be contempt with your ceiling’s existing lights? Whip out those dull light fittings and replace them with something striking. How about an old-school look with a retro dome-shaped or cone-shaped lighting cover in a bold, bright colour? Or something elegant, like a chandelier? Chandeliers are available in various sizes, meaning your room doesn’t need to have high ceilings in order to have one. 

Just make sure to have the appropriate professional (i.e. electrician) present when attempting this sort of project! 

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Which ceiling design ideas would you use to make your ceiling more prominent?

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