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Before and After: Newlyweds Transform Their Home

Leigh Leigh
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In today's homify Ideabook, we are going to examine how a change here and there can dramatically transform a home!

Our journey starts in South Korea, where a newly married couple were beginning their lives together. Their home was old, run down and in desperate need of a face lift. This is common practice in the country, where young couples choose to buy and restore old houses, rather than blowing all of their budget on homes that are new and overpriced. Restoring an old home, like the one we are about to see, is a lot more realistic for this age group.

The 50 square metre space has been completely renewed and reinvigorated by South Korean interior designers, Common Ground. Even though the house is small, they have managed to create space, style and trend!

Old kitchen

Wow! You can see what we mean when we say that the home was run down! 

This before photo depicts how the kitchen space was old-fashioned, dilapidated and unloved—no-one can bake beautiful brownies in a space like this!

The doors are falling apart and the dirt and grime makes this space a health hazard. The appliances look like they come from the dark ages and the room is in need of a paint job. While the purple mosaic wallpaper could look trendy in a kitchen that is modern and retro, here it looks cheap and harsh next to the old, worn out counter tops. 

And the lighting! Kitchen lighting should be strategic, stylish and functional. Here it is incredibly harsh and tacky. 

The only saving grace in this space are the beautiful wooden floors, which still look new and in good condition. 

New kitchen

The new and improved kitchen is modern, open-plan, neat and minimalist—we love it. 

The architects have opened the kitchen up onto the living room area, creating an integrated space that is fresh, clean and far more social. 

The kitchen counter cum breakfast bar allows for the chef to chat to guests while they are sitting in the living room or are perched at the kitchen counter. This also means that husband and wife can enjoy a quick breakfast together without having to leave the kitchen!

The designers have gone for a very simple and yet sophisticated design, tiling the walls so that they match the white walls in the living room. This works beautifully with the grey-blue cabinets, which add a subtle and colourful touch to the room. This is a great tip, brightening it up without the room becoming kitsch.

And the lighting! What a difference it makes. The ceiling lamps create a gentle and soft glow across the space. They have been installed strategically across the ceiling and are the final touch in the well-decorated room.


From this angle, we get a better view of the new and improved kitchen and we can see how the designers have created a U-shape out of the island. 

This is a great tip in an open plan space as it keeps the kitchen divided and separate from the rest of the house, while still allowing for a free flow between the rooms. 

We also get a better view of the grey-blue colours used for the cabinets, which work beautifully with the white counter tops. Now this is a space where you want to bake chocolate brownies!

Living large

From inside the kitchen, we can see how much space the designers have created in the living room as well as how they have utilised every square inch of space

The living room itself is beautiful, simple and sleek. A three-seat leather sofa faces a flat screen television, which is displayed on a modern, funky rectangle cabinet. In the corner, there is a long speaker, which allows the couple to feel like they are in a cinema, without needing their living room to be the size of one!

See these media room products to convert your own living room into a full-on sensory experience.

You'll also notice that the designers have incorporated a little office area in the corner of the room, looking out of the window. This doesn't take up too much space, as the window ledge needs to be there in any case, but it allows for this space to become multi-functional, which is ideal for a small apartment. And they all connect in perfect harmony!

Balcony woes

If we zone in on what the little office nook looked like before the renovation, you will see that it was a small, run down and horrible looking balcony. We have no idea how the former owners ever made use of this space! 

The entire design is old and run down and it's obvious that this area has not been looked after. The design also creates a very closed off and cramped feeling in the home.

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Much better

The close-up of the desk area/office space shows how much better this area looks—every detail is clean, neat and perfected. 

Looking after your home is also the first step in having a homely, comfortable and tidy space. You'll notice that the couple haven't left papers and stationery all over the desk. Everything is neatly packed away and looked after. This has been achieved because the designers have included fantastic storage space under the desk—a must in any small apartment.

We also love what the designers have done with the blind, allowing for the couple to sit and work at the desk without being blinded by the sun, while still allowing for sunshine to filter into the space. Light and bright is the way to go!

Don't you think the little vase of flowers is just a fantastic decor touch?

Neutral interior

The bedroom is one of the most beautiful and serene spots in the house, with crisp white linen, neutral coloured walls and a beautiful wooden best post and blind. Minimalist and simple, this is a room that breathes light and romance all at once!

A gorgeous lamp provides ambiance and atmosphere in this space, which is meant to feel like a cocoon! We also love the air conditioner, which provides cool air in summer and warm air in winter. You could stay snuggled in here all weekend.

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Bathroom design

The bathroom was just as important as the rest of the house when it came to the renovation and the result is fantastic. Again the designers have opted for white and wood, which complement each other and give a fresh, clean and earthy look to the space. White is always a good option for a bathroom and makes the room look bigger.

Again you'll notice that storage is an important component of this room, allowing for personal items to be stored away so they don't clutter the space. This is a great tip for any bathroom and doesn't have to take up too much space. The storage space in this room are behind the mirror, above the sink.

This new and improved home is perfect for any couple who are starting out in life. Cozy, simple and modern—the results are amazing!

​The House Full Of Romance
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