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Refresh your home—Bohemian style!

Leigh Leigh
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One of the styles that we at homify absolutely love is the bohemian (or boho) style which is comfortable and beautiful. You can decorate your whole house with this style and it never gets old or boring!

It is a style that doesn't have exact rules or restrictions, but is essentially characterised by the use of antique furniture and decorative items including vintage patterns and colours, elements of wood and plants, candles and lots of texture!

It is a style that emerged between 1920 and 1930 and although it has evolved slightly, it is still going strong! It's a mixture of '70s hippy chic and a touch of romance. 

It is because of all of these reasons—as well as what an exciting style it is—that it is so easy to recreate in our own homes. We can also personalise it completely, making it unique and owning it. And what else do we own that is as personal as our home? 

Which is why today we are merging business with pleasure by showing you six fantastic and comfortable rooms, with touches of colour and style for incredible inspiration. (Disclaimer: you may want to redecorate your entire house after reading this!)

You will not regret it…

Relax as a hippie

First off, we have to show you the bedroom that will make you green with envy! 

This is an incredibly harmonious, quiet and comfortable room where you can spend all day relaxing like a hippie. So where do we start?

Well, the wooden ceiling is where we start, which makes the room look warm and welcoming. 

On the right-hand wall, we have a beautiful little pull-out couch, with a hammock hanging on the wall, which transports us into a fantasy of paradise—long afternoons reading our book while the summer wind tickles our faces! The balcony also offers us fantastic views of this paradise…

The wooden tree trunk coffee table complements the wicker baskets. The dream catchers and feathers on the wall are the final touch, creating character and style in this room. 

The cushy bed with the canopy is the best part of the whole room, however. Don't you just want to curl up on it now?


Secondly, we are going to talk about textures. If your home is simple and neutral, with white walls and a simple floor, then any texture or colour can be used to create a bohemian style. A variety of rich textures is a great feature of this style

You can also combine textures—there are no restrictions! Don't you love this Engel & Volkers Bodrum design, where there are many different types of materials and fabrics utilised. This contributes to a wide range of textures! These are in the form of rough, wooden furniture, light canopy fabric and a sackcloth, which forms the headboard. 

How beautiful is the overall look and feel?

Environment ( light and smell)

Bedrooms vary from person to person, depending on their tastes and preferences, but there is one thing that must be common throughout: light. If you want to go for a Bohemian look, you need lots of light, preferably natural light. Light will enhance all furniture and decor objects in a room.

Another very important feature is the smell, which should be pleasant and not too heavy. Incense and candles can achieve this!

It's very difficult to show you how to get a great smell in a photograph, but we can show you how light can work beautifully in a bedroom! In this design, by António Martins Interior Design, you can see how boho style comes together when the lighting is right. It illuminates the wooden shelves, white walls and wooden bench, which is the same width of the bed. The fur pillows are the best part of the whole design, enhancing the gorgeous use of brown throughout the design. This is the perfect example of a bohemian room that is clean and modern!

Accents inspired by Moroccan style

Casa Borba Spacemakers Modern style bedroom

Casa Borba


This is the part where we show you how colour plays a role! Bold and bright colours such as yellow and green furniture, colourful strips on the carpet and gorgeous touches of wicker—don't you feel like we're in Morocco?

Not only do Moroccan accents fit beautifully into the boho style, but you can include all sorts of lamps, fabrics and cushions!


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Now that we have gone through textures, we can look at the basics of bohemian decor, including ethnic or flower patterns. In this photograph, you'll see how a beautiful patterned curtain is hanging above the bed, forming a headboard. This is a great (and cheaper) option for a headboard and fits in beautifully with the boho style!


Finally, we get to one of the most important parts! Whether you're redecorating the kitchen, the hallway or the bedroom, an eclectic bohemian style can apply to any space. 

Since this article has focused on the bedroom, we want to give you an example of a very special bedroom, which has been utilised beautifully. The tree that we see decorating this space is a great design tip for any home. And the wonderful thing about plants is that there are so many different types, so you can choose whatever you like! 

Speaking about a bedroom in general, we advise having an on-suite bathroom. This one, for example, is beautiful with a lovely wooden counter top, sink and mirror—all that you need. A mixture of bohemian style and a few rustic touches is perfect. 

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