​The Best Bathroom According To Your Star Sign

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What defines your personality? Is it your job? Your ancestry? Perhaps it is a combination of all your likes, dislikes, stories, and a bunch of other factors that determine the type of person you are. 

Or, maybe, it is written in the stars who you really are – a cosmically designed layout of celestial objects that not only determine how your personality is structured, but also what type of week you are going to experience.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in Zodiac stars and meanings, it certainly ensures interesting reading, particularly when it comes to what traits, colours and styles are determined for each sign. So, with that in mind, we bring you another charismatic article here on homify to help you determine if fate is really your bathroom designer.  

Scroll down to your relevant sign (or why not read them all?), and enjoy seeing if our recommendation is, in fact, in your future…

Scorpio: strong and bold

The Scorpio is known for being daring and having a strong character. Thus, it makes perfect sense for people born under this star sign to appreciate strong designs with bold lines. But having said that, your typical Scorpio is also a homily character who enjoys devoting time to his/her personal space. But just as their mood can fluctuate, so can their aesthetic choices.

Behold a bathroom with a modern and simplistic space, yet is full of potential in the detail- and decor department. This can be amended to suit that typical changing mood of a Scorpio, while still looking dreamy in a bathroom that is quite modern and industrial.

Aries: simple, yet practical

Being a fire sign, a lot of people would associate Aries with vibrant colours like bold reds or oranges. However, the Ram of the Zodiac is also a sign of neutral and metallic tones, which is what we have chosen for this dream bathroom.

Known for being a bit on the unorganised side, the Aries prefers simple and practical furniture, along with open and clear spaces, to save time on storage and cleaning. With that being said, we present a bathroom ideal for them: modern, neutral colours, and a hint of metallic surfaces to add some shine to cleansing time.

Taurus: durable quality

Similar to Scorpio, Taurus is another sign with a strong link to home life. Strength goes into creating their homes, and they value comfort very much. For this reason, they love quality materials that are known for being durable, such as marble, leather and ceramics. 

But we find two different Bulls when it comes to personal tastes: one values a more sophisticated space, while the other strives for a more rustic environment. Yet, both require tasteful and practical decor, as well as comfort. To complement this earth sign, we opted for a bathroom that flaunts neutral tones such as greys and whites, with a dash of green and blue added in.

Gemini: childlike cheerfulness

The Gemini is light and free, with a child-like quality deep inside that keeps them curious. Their homes should reflect that, with designs and styles varying depending on their mood swings. 

Although full of variation, the Twins generally appreciate simple and light furniture to mimic their air sign. And although they have a wide scope of personal favourites when it comes to colours, they do enjoy the pastel shades. Which is why we opted for this simplistic bathroom that flaunts a decent presentation of cold pastels: blues and greens. And a host of shelves will ensure sufficient space for all the nifty little objects that they (like a youngster) like to accumulate over time.

Cancer: the emotional romantic

The Broadway, SW19 - Extension & Bathroom Renovation Grand Design London Ltd Classic style bathroom
Grand Design London Ltd

The Broadway, SW19—Extension & Bathroom Renovation

Grand Design London Ltd

Joining hands with Taurus and Scorpio, Cancer is proud to be known as a homebody. The Zodiac’s Crab loves his home and family, and can perform at his best when surrounded by snug and familiar objects that conjure up happy memories. For this reason, people born under this star sign prefer classic, romantic and antique furniture, often valuable pieces inherited from ancestors. 

This is why we opted for a shabby chic bathroom appearance. With an old sewing machine serving as the sink cabinet, this space is a strong anchor for antique memories, yet shows a hint of contemporary style. And that floral wallpaper is the ideal element for the cosy romance that is harboured in the Cancer’s heart.

Leo: lush and luxurious

People born under the sign of the Lion are known for being strong and passionate, perhaps even a little vain. Regardless, they value luxurious surroundings; thus, their homes are typically rich in decor and detail. 

So, a bathroom with beautiful and expensive materials, such as marble and crystal, can be perfect for the Leo. Complete with unique design pieces, our suggestion above is the ultimate space when thinking of a rich and lush bathroom. Striking coatings, lush lighting, and adequate surfaces to display that range of expensive creams and perfumes. A perfect choice? Only a true Leo can be the ultimate judge…

Virgo: practical, yet sophisticated

When conjuring up an image of the Virgo, one needs to think discreet and temperate. These characteristics will reflect their favourite colours, which is always presented in a light hue, yet with a hint of sophistication.  The Virgin of the Zodiac is always organised and hates it when things are out of place; thus, their favourite space in the house is usually the library or home office, which is always meticulously controlled. 

What, then, is the ideal bathroom for them? A space that is clear, with serene tones, presents storage options, and with a minimalist approach to decor. A sure-fire win? Let the Virgo decide…

Libra: the elegant artist

People born under the sign of the Scales tend to be very artistic. They are delicate, dreamy, and are known for their refined taste. With a strong sense for the aesthetics, this star sign strives for harmony and elegance.

So, which bathroom is ideal for the designer Libra? One with pastel colours or neutral tones, and a hint of floral patterns. And one that has classic furniture with soft and curvy contours. The Libra’s bathroom is not just a space where they brush their teeth: it is an extension of their creative desire for beauty.

Sagittarius: the ethnic adventurer

Like its half-horse body suggests, the Sagittarius is meant to run and seek adventures. With a strong need to travel and experience new environments, they tend to collect foreign objects from far away. 

A complete contrast with the homily star signs, people born under the sign of the Archer would rather leave home and enjoy a foreign, open space. Therefore, their houses need to be spacious and full of natural light. No small windows, and this goes for their bathrooms too – outside contact is vital to them. 

For their furniture, think modern designs, striking elements, with lots of ethnic influences and colours to follow suit.

Capricorn: comfy, yet moderate

The Capricorn is the definitive star sign when it comes to loving snug and homily spaces. More of a homebody than the Crab, the Zodiac’s Goat needs to create a warm and loving environment for the family. However, this needs to be practical and classic, without any excessive elements. 

To please the Capricorn, think of a classic bathroom with an old-fashioned touch. Add some sober colours and functional aesthetics, but without any embellishments. A small space can be ideal, as it will allow for snugness and warmth – the ideal qualities for the Capricorn.

Aquarius: modern and bold

Those extravagant Aquarians! They like their spaces bold and love to embellish with their decor. Nothing is deemed too futuristic or outlandish by their standards—and the more colourful, the better.

With that in mind, bring on the youthful and vivid bathroom that boasts a cheeky air. Bright colours and unusual combinations will fit the Water-Bearer perfectly. Think eclectic and bright, consider mixing and matching patterns and styles, and enjoy the lively atmosphere that is far from bland.

Pisces: a contemporary softness

The Fish of the Zodiac is the dreamy romantic. And with all that lightness and tranquillity in his heart, he wants it to be mirrored in his home. 

So, to please the Pisces, we opt for contemporary creations with a touch of oriental influence. Their colour preferences tend towards the aquatic environments, but can also be transparent (i.e. neutral) to mimic the clarity of water. And since the Pisces’ favourite place is the pool or garden, they need a bathroom full of charm and with a touch of Zen to inspire their inner dreamer. 

From the bath to the bed, we’ll let fate determine where you sleep. See: The Best Bedroom According To Your Star Sign.

Was fate correct? Or do you prefer another bathroom? Share with us below...

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