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It's easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top.—Henry Ward Beecher. 

Mr Beecher certainly had a point when he said those wise words, and today’s architectural find on homify 360° will prove that. However, since this is homify, we thought we’d add a stunning structure to really enhance that view from the top. And that is where Mexican firm Imativa Architects come in. 

They thought the top of a hill would be the ideal location for one of their modern creations – and they were right. After all, what could be more dazzling than a sea of city lights twinkling below you while you’re standing on your private terrace and enjoying the breezy night air? How about a striking facade behind you, as well as some sophisticated decor and furniture adorning your interior spaces?

Downhill as decor

A beautiful vision of linear refinement, made even more noticeable thanks to the sloping ground beneath the house. Although the residence’s top-of-the-hill location makes for stunning views, it presented a bit of a challenge for the architects. After all, a platform that is not flat, but steep and uneven is sure to throw a bit of a spanner in the layout works. 

Regardless of their challenge, our architects made it their mission to please their clients’ requests. In addition, they made sure that any decision was first agreed to by the homeowners, since they wanted their creation to be a visual reflection of the family’s values, habits and personalities.

An aesthetically pleasing contrast

Thanks to its sloping landscape, the house seems like a ground-floor residence from the street view, but is, in fact, two storeys high. The upper floor (entrance area) is the location of the garage, kitchen, master bedroom, indoor social area and exterior entertainment zone. On the ground floor, we find the cellar, children’s rooms, and some spectacular terraces to make optimum use of those surrounding views. 

Keeping in line with the modern design’s typical use of linear designs, vertical slits were inserted into key areas of the facade. This ensures a dynamically balanced look in the linearity of the house, contrasting most superbly with the slanting landscape.

The best of both worlds

The interiors present a combination of different ceiling heights, highlighting certain spaces more than others, such as the entrance hall viewed here. After all, when one wants to make a grand impression on the guests, one gives them a striking combination of both high ceilings (with accompanying floor-to-ceiling windows) and fantastic landscape views! 

This entrance area of the house, which offers some delightful seating options as well, provides a pristine flood of sunshine during the day and immaculate stargazing opportunities by night. The best of both worlds, and we’ve hardly even started our interior tour…

Living (room) done right

Although a definite modern creation, this house’s furniture was inspired by the classical realm of interiors. Here in the living room we find smooth lines, neutral colours, and a subtle collection of wood, textiles and leather, with a dash of glass and metal added in the mix. All of these elements swirl together most glamorously to inspire a feeling of style and positivity for the residents and guests.

Shine and style for the kitchen

Locating the kitchen, we see that it is the one room which doesn’t bask in the glow of natural daylight. Not to worry, as that striking combination of light wood and gleaming white does a remarkable job of ensuring a light and airy interior space. 

Delicate lighting elements add a touch of additional glow to the kitchen, which is certain to inspire some mouth-watering dishes. 

And we just love that island, which dishes up a superb space for meal preparation, homework completion, or just a general surface to enhance the room’s spaciousness. 

See the importance of find the right island style with: Kitchen islands to treasure.

A space for dreams

The visual dreaminess of the house continues into the master bedroom. Neutral designs and classical styles flow freely here, with a touch of minimalism when it comes to the decor department. Thanks to the light neutral colours used (and that generous sliding door ensuring a glow of natural lighting), the visual spaciousness of the room is enhanced beautifully.

A place for beauty

A stunning house with darling views deserves a beautiful bathroom, and we’re not dissatisfied at all by what we find. Marble floor, concrete walls, glass and mirror, with a delicate creamy palette adding a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. 

A touch of dark wood was added to the counters, which balances deliciously with the predominant lightness of the room.

A neutral approach for the young ones

For the girls’ rooms, a mix of girly pinks and purples was tossed – instead, a more delicate palette of whites and greys was brought in. Identical to the master bedroom, this stylish sleeping space also flaunts a light mixture of modern, classical and minimalist styles. Belgrave-shaped headboards, coated in a fluffy chromium tone, break the white canvas ever so slightly.

How it all fits in

To get a clear idea of the house’s structure, we retreat to the back for a look at the rear facade. Here, both storeys can be seen properly in a delicate combination of lines, rectangular shapes, open spaces, and neutral colour tones. And that fantastic collection of windows and glass doors allows for open views into the house, as well as ensuring that natural lighting becomes a prime decor element in the interior spaces (at least during the day).

High above the city

What good is a striking view without a glamorous spot to enjoy it? How about this ultra modern swimming pool, complete with fountains gushing out of the adjoining stone wall? Here is the definitive spot for us to take in some sunlight during the day, or enjoy the sparkling stars at night – all while that incredible city view is winking at us from far below.

Simply stunning – but that is just our opinion. Tell us your thoughts on this modern house with its city-light views.

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