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Tricks to make your small apartment bigger

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José Tiago Rosa Living room
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In today's article, we bring you fun ideas to furnish your apartment without it looking cramped and small—you want to utilise every corner! There are plenty of opportunities to make it cozy, practical and functional, without having to miss out on using your favourite pieces of furniture in your apartment. You can have every piece of décor or furniture that you desire, even in your little space!

In any home, you need to have adequate storage as well as enough space to move around. Additionally, there are things that you cannot do without such as a bed, a table with chairs or benches or even a sofa, which is the best piece of furniture especially when you get home at the end of a long day and just want to lie down and relax for five minutes! Which is why we are going to give you tips on optimising the space that you have, without giving up on any essential items in your home!

It is important, before going on to read our article, to know that the number of square metres that you start off with are the number of square metres that you will finish off with. There are no miracles or magic dust to physically increase the space in your home, but we promise that it will at least feel much bigger and expanded!

The perfect example

To begin the article today, we want to show this project by architect José Tiago Rosa

The idea was to remodel a small apartment into a home that is livable, very functional, comfortable and consistent with the rapid pace that a young couple experiences these days!

The result was surprising and allows us to demonstrate what we said at the beginning—irrespective of the physical space of your apartment, you can ensure that it fits your way of life, without having to abdicate the key areas of a home that you feel good in!

Get rid of the barriers

Well, the first step to making your apartment feel bigger and more spacious is to get rid of walls and other barriers that cut up your floor space.

A simple example is the transformation of your kitchen into a kitchenette, increasing both the size of the kitchen area as well as the adjacent room. You can also place an island or a small closet, as seen in this design by As Duas Por Tres, between the two spaces to create a subtle boundary between them.  Besides creating a sense of division between the two rooms, this island or closet may contain drawers and cupboard on one or both sides, which helps when it comes to creating space!

A divider such as this one also allows natural light to flow more easily throughout the entire space, making your home look more beautiful, modern and cozy! Another suggestion we have is to exchange your normal doors with sliding doors, allowing you to really make use of the corners of all of the rooms, without have to worry about opening and closing doors!

Have the courage to deal with the small kitchen

It's a fact: your kitchen is small! Instead of making it a drama, deal with it as a challenge! How can you fit your appliances (large and small), cutlery, crockery, clothes, glasses and other kitchen tools, not to mention the groceries, into an area that is only 10 square metres big? Let's take a deep breath and find a solution!

In kitchens with these dimensions, the ideal situation is to have the ground free so that you can walk around, so you need to take full advantage of the vertical space—right up to the ceiling!

Cupboards are perfect for the kitchen, because it keeps the kitchen looking bigger and allows the original floor space to remain unused, however kitchens don't always come with cupboards. What you can do is install simple cabinets, which are modern and clean. The good news is that you can first take into account what you have in your kitchen and then you can build drawers and shelves according to your needs. 

If you have enough space, extend your kitchen counter to form a little table, like the one in the picture. This can be used for a quick meal or breakfast in the morning!

You can also read these tips to help: Spice Up Your Kitchen With A Tasty Remodel!

Create functional areas

Since the space available is already small, optimise the area that you do have, just like VAO has done in this image! All you need to do is merge your living room with the dining room (and even a guest room if you buy a sleeper couch/sofa bed!). 

In this way you can have two or three spaces in one, which will serve you beautifully on a day-to-day basis. 

In the background, make the most of your unused space, using it only for what is necessary in your life.

Tricks to create additional space

When it comes to a small house, the motto is: enjoy! Enjoy your home and find out how easy it is to live in a cozy, comfortable space, even if it isn't the house of you dreams. 

In this example, you'll see how by using storage space adequately in the bathroom, you don't have to give up having a bath in your home! The space under the basin, for example, is usually wasted space. But here the architects have carefully placed a cabinet in this space, making the most of it! Cabinets can be large or small, but the important part is that they fit neatly under the basin so they don't take up any floor space! 

These cabinets can also store your essential items such as toilet paper or toothbrushes, leaving your bathroom with a great minimalist look!

Another option is to use a mirror cabinet on the wall, allowing for functional design—you can use it to apply your make-up and as a storage unit!

You can learn more by reading: Your Handy Guide To Minimalism.

Capability and functionality

The last suggestion that we have takes us back to the kitchen. We want to show you how easy it is to have everything at hand with these fantastic vertical drawers. They occupy very little space, considering how narrow they are, but still offer a lot of storage capacity.

Additionally, vertical drawers allow you to always have your kitchen tools or groceries easily accessible. If you want to optimise your kitchen space, then put this idea on the table and let yourself fall in love with a simple solution!

What other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Do you see some new potential in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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