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​Style Your Home Like A Scandinavian

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Scandinavia: the land known for Vikings, Absolut Vodka, The Little Mermaid, and a host of other equally fantastic factors – such as the profound contribution to architecture and interior design. 

Renowned for their simplistic and beautiful approach to design, Scandinavian homes have a pure style that zones in on warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, and an understated elegance. Plainly said, they know their stuff when it comes to stylish living! 

The Scandinavian style (also called the Nordic style) originated in the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Because of their location and climate, these nations experience quite low lighting, hence their excessively bright interiors. But what is practical for them has become an imitation-worthy design style copied throughout the world. 

A lot of people would classify Scandinavian as minimalism fused with the modern style, where spots of dashing colours (in the form of decor) are applied to neutrally toned environments, mostly whites and creams. 

Join us today as we discover the basics of how to inject a home with some supreme Scandinavian style.

Enhance the natural lighting

Clear, crispy and light – the main elements of the Scandinavian style. This leaves the atmosphere clean and airy, resulting in a cosy interior space. Maximising natural lighting can be achieved through light coloured walls and pale interior tones, which allows the outside light to penetrate deeper into a particular space by means of reflection. This is what the sun-scarce Nordic countries seek, and it is quite a stunning effect. 

Curtains are usually absent to allow the sunshine to flow freely into the house; however, should you require some form of window treatment, opt for a material that is both light in substance and colour. 

In addition, choose a minimalist style of light-toned furniture to fully enhance the effect of natural lighting in your interiors, and achieve a clean and free-flowing vibe.

A fair tone of timber

U2 Walls & flooringWallpaper

When thinking of Scandinavian wood, think of a lighter shade of pale. Light wood creates a delicate air in interiors, allowing the space to become more clear and bright. 

Using light-coloured furniture adds some optical comfort to a home, as the visual impact is softened on the eye. Scandinavian-style furniture is not known for being big and heavy – on the contrary, it is quite light and thin. With no elaborate finishes or excessive details, this lends a very subtle look to an interior space, making the room seem cleaner. 

See our example above: the light timber plays modestly together with the Warm Chinchilla-toned couch. A pure white backdrop ensures that these elements stand out beautifully without any excessive attention. Pure, light, and clean!

Furniture that is simple and elegant

FURNITURE Larforma Study/officeDesks

Who would go through all the effort of ensuring a light background, moderate decor and clean finishes, and then add in an obtrusive furniture piece to steal all the attention? Certainly not a Scandinavian!  

The beauty of Nordic-style interiors is achieved by a host of different elements, not the least of which are the simple and elegant lines of their delicate furniture. This ensures a charming space for natural lighting and air, as there are no giant pieces to obstruct or break the flow. 

Professional furniture designers Larforma may be Portuguese, but the Scandinavian-style branch of their furniture is achieved with perfection. With lines that are clean, alluring and timeless, these pieces can be the ideal additions for your tranquil Scandinavian-inspired space.

DIY in style

To unleash the potential designer within, a lot of us try our hands at DIY (do it yourself). This trend, which has been exploding over the past few years, has been made even more popular thanks to online media like Google, Pinterest, Youtube and, of course, homify, inspiring us in accomplishing simple tasks in and around the house.

From subtle projects (such as creating invisible bookshelves) to more advanced ones (like building your own headboard), DIY allows one to create unique and home-made decor objects in a variety of styles – and don’t think that Scandinavian has not been included. 

As the Nordic style prides itself on using light coloured elements and simple lines, you can enter a new world of DIY projects, from creating hangers and vases to building your own coffee table. Case in point above: using pallets to construct a body for your bed. With its simple construction and pale tones, this fully corresponds to the criteria of Scandinavian style, so don’t be shy to include at least one DIY element in your interiors.

Storage simplicity

SJ Bookcase Large & Midi We Do Wood Living roomShelves

By now you have realised that the Scandinavian style is synonymous with simplicity. So, if this is true with the decor and furniture, can it also extend to more practical areas of the house like, for example, those storage spaces? Självklart! (which means ‘of course’ in Swedish).

Regardless of which country you live in, packing and storing is a necessity in life. However, acquiring the Nordic way of storing your things can transform your space into a more open, cleaner area, as they don’t do clutter.  

See the ingenious solution for bookshelves above – instead of adding a normal bookshelf, these clever wall-mounted boxes neatly clear up some floor space without losing any valuable storage areas. What’s more, you can incorporate some clever designs for your wall book boxes (let’s call it that) and mount them in various shapes or outlines (like your first initial, for example). 

Just remember: the simpler, the better! 

With our Really clever storage solutions for small homes, your home will free up some space in no time!

Comfy and decorative cushions

Last, but not least, the comfy factor. The Scandinavians might know their stuff when it comes to clean lines, but that doesn’t mean that they sacrifice comfort for style.  

A spot of colour can be quite an attractive addition to your Scandinavian interiors, especially if the majority of the backdrop is in a pale tone (such as a light beige or off-white). This pale canvas will make the vivid colours even more striking, and will ensure the perfect neutral backdrop for when you later decide to change your living room’s scatter cushions (for example, switching from a cool blue to a warmer red in the winter months). 

And as long as you monitor the amount of colourful decor you add to your Scandinavian space, you can opt for any pattern or texture you deem desirable. Have fun mixing and matching!

What do you think about the Scandinavian style? Is there anything you don’t agree with? Share with us below... 

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