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Here on homify 360°, we pride ourselves on bringing you spectacular architectural creations. A variety of styles and a multitude of colours mean that no two designs are ever the same. Another element that distinguishes these striking creations is the materials – and today we are quite excited to showcase a house that flaunts a raw beauty thanks to its chosen materials.

Mexican team ZE Architects presents to us a large and spectacularly modern space with exceptional contrasting coatings. Wood and exposed concrete merge to form a stylish scenario, enhanced even further by polished textures and outstanding colours. 

Our discovery for today shows us that location also plays a big part in architecture. This modern beauty of 420 square metres sits on a seven-metre slope, allowing it to rise above its surroundings and become a striking neighbourhood feature. 

Let’s discover this raw beauty.

A striking start

Like the wide opening of a stylish cave, the house’s garage greets us from its sloping spot. Its sparkling lights and creamy interior contrast quite uniquely with its surroundings, which is darker and more textured. This includes the garden area as well, which showcases a grand combination of grass, plants and huge pine trees. 

This spacious garage offers up enough room for three cars, making us wonder what glorious amounts of space lies in wait on the inside of this majestic house…

Two front faces

As the house is located on a corner, it provides the residence with the opportunity of having two front facades. Changing our position ever so slightly brings the second facade into view, where we can see the main entrance. 

Where the garage view was lit up and open (granted, the doors were wide open), the front entrance opts for a more mysterious look. Lustrous wood coat the front door deliciously, made even more stunning by the exterior downlighters and garden lights illuminating the main pathway. 

Concrete blocks and river stone coatings adorn the rest of the facade surfaces, rounding off this stunning raw and rustic look of the house.

Raw yet stylish spaces

Entering the interiors, we discover that the ground floor houses the living/dining areas, kitchen with breakfast area, a game room with a bathroom, as well a service area with a bedroom and bathroom. 

The living/dining room opens up onto the rear garden, where a 2.5-metre terrace is also located with stylish granite flooring. As with the front entrance, the garden also showcases a wall covered in river stones, adding a fresh and rustic look to the backyard space. 

The inner ceiling, floors and select wall areas boast a thin bamboo wooden coating, neatly balancing with the polished concrete. And while the interior surfaces have a rather dark neutral palette, the furniture offset this slightly by bringing in some creamy and autumn tones.

The surprise kitchen

Slide back those wooden sliding doors behind the dining area to reveal a kitchen that is quite modern, but also flaunts a tastefully rustic side. It is light and bright, but not too dazzling. With its compact collection of beauty and charm, this kitchen can either be closed off to keep those delicious dishes a surprise, or opened up to make the culinary corner become part of the socialising hotspot. 

This kitchen showcases its linear design with style, presenting its rustic features and modern functionality with pride. Jumping onto the rustic bandwagon is that magnificent dining space. With a polished trunk serving as the table, it shows off its uneven contours with pure satisfaction.  

Rustic dining done to perfection!

The staircase of a castle

staircase that gives off a strong medieval vibe serves as a striking decor piece. With its bright and shiny wooden steps, it offers up a unique contrast between wood and stone, presenting a journey to the next level that is stylish and otherworldly.  

The top storey houses three bedrooms with bathrooms, a dressing room, as well as a TV room and study. Since they are a bit more private than the downstairs socialising areas, we’ll skip them on this tour, but no doubt they flaunt the same chic magic as we’ve discovered thus far.

A garden for grandness

What we do get to discover is that glorious garden, which dishes up more options for socialising and entertaining, albeit in a more al fresco fashion. A very modern exterior dining room set is the ideal retreat for our under-the-stars dinner, while a barbeque area (on the very left) is ready to dish up a host of satisfactory meals. 

Similar to the ground floor, we can see that the top storey also has a series of generously sized windows to ensure garden views and natural lighting. And this spot provides us with a stunning view of the collection of raw materials, textures and tones used for this energetic beauty. 

We’ll show you how to: Make your home roar with raw materials.

Excellent beauty achieved with raw materials? Or not really your style? Tell us what you think of this house below...

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