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To make today’s outing on homify 360° extra special, we thought we’d set off to the beach for a little sand, sea and surf. After all, what else could be the perfect backdrop for a tropical-style house? Well, how about a charming dose of vivid colours? 

Brazilian architects Arquitetando Ideias show us that a beach house doesn’t have to be just glamorous with pristine and neutral colour schemes – it can also be bright and fun without skimping on the style factor. So be it for a happily married couple who wanted to revamp their 30-year-old beach-facing residence in order to make it more comfy and functional. Cue some simple materials, a lot of creativity, and a fun-packed world of colours! 

The end result?  A vibrant and cheerful home that provides a relaxed atmosphere in a stylish collection of rainbow tones. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself…

The fun facade

After 30 years, our homeowners decided to renovate their little residence with some fun fashion and bright looks in order to make it more functional and cosy for the whole family. What started as a simple renovation project transformed this small residence into a fantastic holiday retreat.

The first noteworthy element is undoubtedly that facade, flaunting its vivid portrayal of colourful fun. Add a charming little wooden deck ideal for enjoying some sundowners while watching seagulls, and we have a pretty amazing little spot to call home.

Ideal for family time

In this home that’s filled with its attractive spaces and colourful corners, we definitely need to pay special attention to the front porch. This area has been converted into a living space for the whole family, perfect for early morning coffees and late-night talks. 

Aside from the corner sofa with its reclaimed wood and vivid cushions, a comfy hammock was added. The wooden deck’s integration with the front garden (merging that seaside blue with the green grass and plants) most definitely makes for a welcoming environment of balanced charm and comfort.

For lazy summer days

The main function of a beach house is, of course, to provide rest and relaxation. In order to refrain from anybody missing out on quality hammock time (whether for reading or dozing), a second one was added to the back veranda. This one sports a bright peach tone, and plays flawlessly well with the rest of the house’s colourful hues.

A balanced interior

The interiors, not wanting to be left out, introduce an equally impressive combination of colours, warmth and vibrant charms. Wooden floors and timber beams ensure a natural yet cosy atmosphere, while the furniture and decor are decked out in a stylish balance of colourful and neutral tones. 

To make full use of family time, the living room shares its open plan space with the kitchen and dining room.

A diverse assortment

A strong eclectic vibe is visible in the living room. Aside from the explosion of colour, we have a coffee table made up of wooden pallets. A wooden ceiling adds some rustic character to the house, while exquisitely modern furniture dish up sufficient seating options, whether we want to sit, lie down, or just lounge while engaging in lazy afternoon conversation.

Warm and friendly

What would a family getaway house be without some personal touches? Family pictures adorn the bright wall that marks the dining room, adding some friendly faces that go perfectly hand-in-hand with the house’s colourful character. 

Where the exterior of the house portrayed a mostly cool combination of tones (blues and greens), the interior opted for a warmer approach: yellows, oranges and reds decorate the dining/kitchen area, making the space feel most approachable and welcoming. Isn’t that what one would want from a family vacation house?

Permanent sunshine

With the bedrooms, the designers decided to inject a specific character for each space, with the combination of colours and decor crafting out each character’s specific look and vibes. Adding to the sunshine yellow of the window shutters in bedroom one, we have a delightfully exposed brick wall to make the room relaxed and welcoming. Colour therapy teaches us that yellow conveys optimism, peace and creativity, and is the perfect colour choice for areas that have small or few windows.

A warmer touch

Bedroom two understands the value of a good dose of yellow sunshine, but decided to add some passionate red as well. These hues, mixed with exposed brick and a delightful silver lining grey, present quite a remarkable combination that is sure to result in a stylish slumber. 

Notice the clever addition of a linear design on the white ceiling, pleasantly playing with the brick wall and shutter’s patterns.

Combining the best

The master suite collected all the winning elements of the house for its decor and style: family photographs, warm colours, and inspiring wall words (which can also be noticed in the kitchen). With a warm rainbow added to the one wall, this room presents just the right mix of neutral hues and warm tones. 

Before you grab that paintbrush, see: How colours influence your bedroom.

The character of colour

What would a beach house be without an entertainment hotspot? Here we have the ideal spot for family fun, with a barbeque and bar area dishing up some promising premises in delightful colours. The exposed brick returns for some more striking presence, while the table injects even more colour and pattern into the room with its tiled top. 

In a house such as this, with each room portraying its own blend of colour and character, one simply cannot help but feel inspired and happy. As Victorian art critic John Ruskin taught us: “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.”

Too much colour? Or simply not enough? What do you think of this style? Share your thoughts with us...

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