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​A View Over The Valley

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Excelencia en Diseño Modern houses
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Join us on homify 360° as we touch down in the land of sun and sombreros – Mexico – to catch a glimpse of a stylishly modern residence amid rolling hilltops. Architectural professionals Excelencia En Diseño (meaning Excellence in Design) integrated their creation with the surrounding environment through large glass panes, adding a unique view to the stylish interior of this 21st century home. 

Using a combination of contemporary and traditional construction materials in their work, our architects maintain a consistent language throughout their designs, which boast a varied palette of materials, colours and textures. 

Let’s discover this proud residence with its dream-like valley views. 

Front facade

Gazing at the front facade, we immediately see the combination of materials, textures and colours. All of these make up an elegant layout, with a linear vision running through that places this residence firmly in the modern realm of architecture. 

The ceramic ceiling tiles are proudly traditional, aiding in the house’s colour scheme that is a combination of neutral hues and autumn tones.

Stone that is striking

A stunning addition to the front facade is the stone piece that separates the garage from the front entrance. Playing neatly with the symmetry of the house, this stone slab flaunts its earthy tones and modern facade with justified pride. 

This element contrasts quite superbly with the white canvas of the walls, as well as the greens and blues of the lawn and sky. It’s a modern picture book coming to life, and this is only the exterior view.

An entrance that wows

Entering the house immediately takes us to a staircase that leads to the lower storey. Thanks to the sloping landscape, the house takes up two floors, with the main entrance occurring on the top floor. 

This entrance hall / staircase becomes somewhat of a main attraction for welcoming the guests. It has an exceptional vision that consists of glass balustrades, potted plants, stone pebbles, and a striking blue wall with protruding white and red cubes. It’s like the rustic world (the indoor garden and wooden statue in the bottom corner) meeting up with the modern realm, separated by that fantastic staircase.  

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Bright and open

White takes on the ruling hand yet again as we locate the very modern living room/dining area on the top (entrance) floor. With its white surfaces, this area positively glows thanks to the natural light flooding in through those welcoming sliding doors. 

Notice those stunning skylights that sport a blinder-like wooden coating to add to the linear design of the interior spaces. 

But it is most definitely the furniture that is the main star in this environment. It defines the space beautifully, playing off that lovely element of the wooden floors, as well as dishing up some fantastic tones of darks and beiges.

Adding colour and life

A very modern (and very comfy looking) sofa, decked out in a plush earthy cream, offers up a relaxing seating/lounging spot. Together with the two very modern wooden stools and a glass-topped coffee table, the living room presents its contemporary and fully functional furniture with elegance and style. 

Adding some more personality (and bright colours) here is the wall art, which, like the staircase, decided to stay fixed between two different design worlds. Here we have a uniquely modern wall surface of protruding blocks on the left that mimics the entrance hall. To the right is a very striking painting that is somewhat more of a classic nature. No need to pick the better one, as they both do a satisfactory job of livening up the space.

Inspired by blocks

On the dining corner of this social area we locate a pristine white wooden dining table and dining chairs that alternate between white and dark, with honey-toned legs anchoring them to the floor’s colour palette. The dark hues surface some more in the carpet, as well as the side table and majority of the square-inspired wall art 

Notice the exceptional ceiling light, breaking the monotony of the squares and rectangular-shapes here with its unique round-but-not-quite-round shape.

A cooler approach to bedtime

From a clean and quiet neutral palette to a crashing wave of Atlas Blue. The cool bedroom walls add a touch of sea tones here, dominating this intimate and relaxing environment with tranquil perfection. 

The delightful headboard of the bed serves up a space for some decor items, which, with their crisp whites and dark tones, stand out terrifically against that cool blue wall.

Wall ornaments in the shapes of miniature mountain climbers add a charming touch to the room, enhancing the cool effect of the room’s walls with a fresh, snow-clad feeling.

A view for days

And last but certainly not least, we feast our eyes on a stunning exterior space that will certainly have guests and friends flocking over frequently – a stunner of a fresh blue swimming pool, framed by a warm, spicy-toned wooden deck. 

This area is located at the back of the pool, and due to the rising slope of the land, the house visually rises up to keep a watchful eye on any swimmer or sunbather.  

From this angle, we can fully take on the myriad of glass panels in the facade, showing us how much sunlight (and striking valley visions) this modern house conjures up on a daily basis.

We know that taste differs; so, tell us what you think of this modern residence.

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