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​Living small can be a big thing

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Let’s be honest: how many of us wish that our homes could have been bigger? And we don’t mean imagine adding a few metres, but rather moving into a plush and spacious mansion. This seems to be the dream of many people who can’t, for instance, host fantastic parties due to lack of space.

Well then, today’s article is aimed at all of you, because it might be just what you need to make you realise the benefits of living in a smaller space. It does not affect what people think about you as a person. For example, good taste has absolutely nothing to do with your amount of square metres. Good taste and great decor come in all shapes and sizes, and when used in slightly smaller places, can actually transform the space into a quaint and charming location. 

Should you still roll your eyes and wish you had a mansion to call your own, then read on to see the six advantages of living small!

It ups the cosy factor

The first thought in our heads when thinking of a smaller house is that there’s less space between the walls. Obviously, but that can be quite cosy as well. Less space = more comfort and warmth. This is especially true if you’re living alone and arrive home on a chilly evening; less space means there’s less area that needs heating up! 

Let’s look at this example by Christine White Design. Here we have a space-pressed area, and yet the different zones are completely separated from each other. A ladder takes us up when it’s time for bed (and really, what more do you need for a peaceful night’s sleep?). In addition, there’s a well-defined area for seating, as well as a kitchen that presents adequate surfaces for meal preparation. From one “room” to the next in a matter of steps.

As we said: more cosy!

It allows you to shop less

Times are tough, and having a smaller space means having to buy fewer things. Think about it: no more splurging on endless amounts of wall art, scatter cushions, and other decorative pieces to fill up your seemingly unlimited amount of interior space. 

The same goes for your bedroom and closet. When we’re forced to accept a smaller closet, that sets a limit to the amount of clothes (and shoes and hats and belts… ) we can fit into it. 

Pictured above, Bo | Bruno Oliveira shows us a decent closet with adequate options in terms of clothing and shoes, yet it doesn’t take up an abundance of unnecessary space. 

Who would have thought that living in a smaller place could teach (or should we say force) us to live more organised?

You have less room for decorating mishaps

Less space equals fewer things to put in that space, which equals less of a chance that you’ll make a decor mistake. Not that we’re implying our homify readers tend to be guilty of decor blunders, but we know that the occasional mishap is possible.  

IR Architects brings us this little lesson of how a small space can flaunt a touch of decor, yet still look stylish and inviting. Want to show off what you’ve got? Opt for open bookshelves to display some adequate reading material, plus a few miscellaneous items (photos, statues, plants, etc.) thrown in for a personal touch. Consider a bed located on top of the cabinets to save up on floor space. And that series of cabinets means that all items are placed inside, so you don’t need to worry about mixing and possible mismatching. 

You’re forced to confront your inner hoarder

“I simply can’t get rid of this, what if I need it in a few months’ time?” Yes, we have all been there – struggling to let go of items we might need later on. And how many times did those items end up being unnecessary space-stealers? 

Living in a place where every inch of space (whether it’s the floor or wall) is precious forces one to think more clearly about such questions. Do you really need it? What are the odds that you will need it later on? And should you be certain that you will need that particular item later on, then fair enough – place it in your storage area (such as a neat yet space-saving closet like this example by Tiago Do Vale).

But should you be unsure about tossing or bagging, get rid of it. The space you save will be a great reward to yourself.

We understand the pain of not having enough storage, which is why we want to help with these: Really Clever Storage Solutions For Small Homes.

It makes you want to get out

Living in a small space can be a great motivation to spend more time outdoors. We’re not suggesting that you move into a claustrophobic apartment so that you develop a love for an outdoor sport or anything, but spending time in a space-constrained environment tends to make one want to go out more often.

How does a jog in the park sound? Or catching a flick with a friend? How about joining a sport club? All of these are possibilities in that great big world we call “outside”. 

And being an outdoor person can rub off on one’s decor/design skills as well. See our example by Aïdo above – a bright yellow and cheerful purple was brought into this space, no doubt reflecting just some of the bright colours we see when spending time outdoors. 

So, get out and see more, and your interior space might just get a creative/colourful boost.

It’s easier to move

Moving seems to be a new international sport these days. People are packing and unpacking at alarming rates. Whether these tend to be for new jobs, relationship commitments, or better houses, every adult can honestly say what it feels like to carry a box of their possessions into their new space. 

With that being said, we can all agree that moving is certainly not a fun activity. It’s hard work and it’s stressful, so why would you want to drag it out as long as possible? A solution would be to have very little to pack (and then unpack at your new digs), saving you a lot of effort and time. 

Sandra Dages presents us with this small yet very quaint and cheerful little space above. It looks cosy, it looks inviting, and it certainly looks like all of it could be packed in less than a day (and take up very little space on the moving truck) – especially those charming little side- and coffee tables.

With all of our evidence presented above, we hope you see the value (and benefit) of living in a smaller space – and how it can positively affect your life!

Can you think of any more benefits to living small? What do you think the advantages and disadvantages are? Let us know below...

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