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A better bedroom in just 15 minutes

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We've all been there… the lazy bug got to us and we really don't feel like cleaning the bedroom. But to make things easier for you, the homify team has compiled this 15 minute guide on how to clean your bedroom quickly and efficiently. Very often we forget that the bedroom is our solace and an escape from the busy working world, so use your bedroom as a space to relax by keeping it uncluttered, neat and tidy. 

If you make this quick clean up a regular thing it will become a habit and you just won't be able to go about your day without a clean bedroom. This will make your day easier to get through, because you know after a long day at work you will have a crisp and clean bedroom to come home to!

Tidy belongings away

The best way to begin a bedroom clean up is to bring in the cleaning essentials, which includes a broom, vacuum cleaner or mop, a cloth for dusting and of course the detergents necessary to get the job done.

If you have excess papers, letters and magazines now would be a good time to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. And remember you will never have a cleaner bedroom unless you start somewhere!

Ventilate the room

The next step in the quick clean up process is to open the windows, blinds and doors of the bedroom, this is essential to air out the musty smell left by dust that has accumulated over time. Dust is a tricky thing like that. 

Ventilation will allow fresh, crisp and clean air into the room and is the perfect thing to do if you suffer from dust allergies or hay fever.

Hang your clothes

We all know that sometimes crockery and glasses can just go missing… but you might have the bulk of them in your bedroom that has accumulated there over a few weeks. So take all the used crockery out of your room and give them a good wash.

Now to tackle those clothes on the floor, on the chair or that corner of the bed you don't sleep on. Sort out what clothes are dirty and what needs an iron and immediately put the dirty load in the laundry basket and the ironing on the ironing pile. Those clothes that are still clean can be returned to the wardrobe while you at it.

This fantastic bedroom was decorated by the interior design team at Dmesure - check out their professional profile for more inspiration!

Get rid of the garbage

So you've picked up your used dishes and clothing… the next step is to actually throw away the garbage. This could be anything from the snacks wrappers that have accumulated in the room to the empty bottles, papers and catalogues that are stacked up on your desk.

Empty that trash bag in your bedroom and replace it with a new one. You may also want to check under your bed and in your drawers for more waste that can be thrown away!

Change the bed linen

One of the best ways to have a completely clean bedroom is by changing the bed linen. Dust accumulates on the sheets making them dreary so we suggest you remove your duvet cover, sheets and flip your mattress too, then replace the dirty sheets with a clean set for a crisp look.

If you do not have time to change your sheets regularly, then consider giving your linens a good shake to get rid of dust while the windows are open, this will get rid of the dust on the sheets and the musty air by introducing fresh air into the room.

Fix the Clutter

Once you've changed your linens and made up your bed, now is the time to get rid of the clutter! We're talking about items such as moisturisers, creams, pens, sunglasses and makeup.

Put everything in a designated place or take them out of the room while you continue with your clean up. Gather all your handbags and store them away. Don't forget to move your desk chair out of the way too, because the tough clean up process is next!

The tough part

The final part of our cleanup process is the vacuum. Before you get started, make sure that there is nothing on the floor that can be dragged into the machine and cause damage. Begin the dusting process by using a damp or microfibre cloth to wipe the larger areas and use a feather duster for those out of reach areas. 

If you need some more inspiration to get you through the clean up then consider playing one of your favourite songs loudly! Start arranging your items carefully by beginning the process from the bedroom door and working your way inwards.

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Has this inspired you to try to be a little tidier? Do you have any other tips for a quick bedroom clean up? Let us know!

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