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The best bedroom according to your star sign

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Modern style bedroom by BURO'82 Modern
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As we all know, interior decorations are a matter of personal preference. Each one of us makes up our spaces according to what makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. 

But what if we don’t know what we want? What if colours, patterns and shapes only confuse us, and we can’t even begin to discern one design style from another? Well, one option could be to turn towards the stars (in the sky, not the celebrities) to see which style was meant for us. 

A lot of people are devout followers of astrology, and also believe that our personalities (and, therefore, our tastes) are dictated by our birth dates. Whether you choose to follow this belief or not is a personal matter, yet it does make for some interesting reading. 

Let’s see what styles and colours the Zodiac signs have picked out for us when it comes to decorating one of the most intimate and personal spaces in our homes: our bedrooms.

Sagittarius: sincere and adventurous

Sagittarians are sincere and generous with their feelings. They are direct and determined, and because they seek adventure, they make excellent entrepreneurs. 

Since they love to travel, an exotic element needs to be added to their bedrooms. Focus on shapes and designs that will inject a unique vibe, yet won’t get in the way of the Archer’s enthusiastic creativity. 

Behold bare walls for the bedroom, symbolising honesty and unpretentiousness. Add to this a round-shaped bed for the adventurer in them, plus patterned rugs for an exotic touch. A well-designed space that is sure to inspire adventurous dreams.

Aries: passionate and impulsive

The Ram of the Zodiac craves power. Risky, adventurous and impulsive, the Aries is always ready to ascend to greater heights. People born under this star sign tend to be extroverted and sociable, and don’t like to be a follower. Instead they want to emphasise their uniqueness.

Well then, a vivid and bold red can be the ideal colour for this bedroom. But in order not to overdo that bright tone, our chosen crimson was combined with a peaceful powder white, and placed in a fantastic rustic setting (the modern style would have been way too mainstream for the Aries).

Taurus: sensitive and luxurious

The Bull loves to play, meaning that his/her touch is very well developed. They are sensual and sensitive creatures, but also quite wilful and frank. With a friendly personality, they have a strong need for security. 

Hence, they are known as lovers of luxury and pleasure, who enjoy good and beautiful surroundings. And what could be more luxurious than crystal chandeliers, plush carpets, and chic furniture? Mid Mod Living has created the ideal bedroom for the Taurus who craves sensual satisfaction, with a splendid dose of luxury and stylishness thrown in for added pleasure.

Gemini: the forerunner of novelty

When it comes to being restless, the Twins tend to have an overactive mind. They are forever busy with new ideas, fresh communication, the latest trends and the hottest fashions – and these need to be present in their bedroom. But being an air sign, the Gemini needs a decent amount of lightness as well. 

Which is why we opted for a minimalist bedroom look. Designer furniture pieces and modern décor flaunt striking coatings (that detailed wall is an eye-catching element, especially with the added lighting), yet the neutral tones and lack of excessiveness allow for a tranquil atmosphere.

Cancer: love and tenderness

The Crab of the Zodiac creatures is all about sweetness. Homily, receptive and sharing with those around him, he/she tends to have a strong attachment to family values. Keeping childhood memories and being naturally born romantics are synonymous with the Cancer. 

In order to create the perfect bedroom, we need to go romantic and delicate. Add some light colours and soft patterns. Include subtle pieces that give the room the same sweetness and charm that shines from the people of this star sign, yet achieves this without an overload amount of decor.

Leo: Zodiac royalty

Leos are confident, making them seekers of control and success. This star sign governs desires, pleasures, and a taste of the good life. 

The Lion is considered by many to be the king of the Zodiac creatures. Therefore, in order to decorate a fitting bedroom, we need to go striking, bold and elegant. We need to enter the modern realm with gold accents fit for royalty. 

Behold a stylish and neat space that is not overdone in any way. Sophisticated and perfect, with each element bearing a distinct personality and complementing the next.

Virgo: for perfect comfort

The star sign that is essentially practical and adaptable. Virgos tend to be quite critical (of themselves and others), as they aspire for perfection, yet shy away from excesses in both their social- and private lives. 

The complete opposite of the Leo, the Virgo symbolises purity. Therefore, their perfect bedroom needs practical furniture and neutral colours – nothing flashy. They seek an environment where everything is convenient and comfortable. 

Our chosen bedroom exudes composure and sobriety, with a decent amount of modern comfort. Neutral colours allow for an undisturbed flow of comfort—the ideal resting place for the Virgin.

Libra: balanced elegance

Libras have a delicate and refined sensuality, although their rationality tends to dominate, making it difficult for them to fully express their emotions. Similar to the Taurus, this star sign loves luxury, yet in a more balanced way—after, all what else would one expect from the Scales?

For the perfect bedroom, the Libra wants combined luxury with practical elegance. Let’s present them with this comfortable collection of wood, neutral tones and modern furniture. The simple and structured lines offset perfectly with the natural elements, resulting in a perfectly balanced refuge.

Scorpio: mystery and drama

A complex and mysterious character with a strong will – meet the Scorpio. He/she is endowed with courage and has an appetite for taking risks. With great mental insight, they also have powerful intuition. 

They don’t do half-measures – it’s either all or nothing. So in decorating their ideal bedroom, one needs to go fully mysterious, deep and dramatic. But let’s add some elegance as well, as shown in our example above. The sober tones of the space flow exceptionally well with the lighting; and those colours and textures are nothing short of theatrical.

In short: the perfect space for the Scorpion.

Capricorn: high-quality lavishness

The Capricorns are unapologetic about their desire for power and fame. With a love for all things materialistic, they seek to surround themselves with beauty. 

So let’s ascend to a place of great elegance and luxury. The Goat of the Zodiac wants a bedroom that is proud of its splendour, yet with some discretion. 

Our choice is nothing short of perfect: a majestic look without the opulence of golden tones. Not too commercialised, yet the space flaunts a rich collection of textures and materials. And those tranquil tones are just the right shade of self-control.

Aquarius: original, yet advanced

The Water Bearer is restless, original and innovative. Being a natural socialite, he/she constantly needs to experience new things. Aquarians can be hard to please: they don’t want the latest trends, yet don’t want to be overlooked either. 

What else can we do but inject an eclectic style into their room with a unique concept?  Pastel colours contrast deliciously with a more sober tone for the bedding. Wood ensures a great warm environment that looks spacious and bright, ensuring a dynamic but also satisfying space for the more advanced star sign.

Pisces: the sensitive dreamer

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors Modern style bedroom by homify Modern

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors


Those born under Pisces are very sensitive individuals. Endowed with their own fantasy worlds, they tend to take regular refuge there when the real world gets too chaotic. 

What they need is a bedroom that provides shelter from day-to-day stresses; a personal haven. And what better environment than a beach palette? After all, these are the Fishes we are focusing on right now. 

Our bedroom of choice shows off a very serene space, with sandy tones and touches of blue that is quite reminiscent of those afternoon beach strolls – ideal for daydreaming and peaceful dreams. 

Happy with your Zodiac-assigned bedroom? Now find out which kitchen was meant for you: The Best Kitchen According To Your Star Sign.

Was your chosen bedroom a hit or a miss? If we were wide of the mark, tell us which one you’d rather pick!
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