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For Everything and the Kitchen Sink!

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For some the kitchen may be that place where they just warm up microwave meals to eat in front of the TV, but for others the kitchen is so much more! It is a place of harmony… gourmet meals, entertainment and family. So you're thinking of revamping your own kitchen but don't know where to begin? The homify team have compiled a list of tips and ideas to ensure that your kitchen remodel is perfect and that no detail is left out! 

Essentials such as the kitchen sink are more than just a must for hygiene purposes, the kitchen sink is now an expression of style, so don't forget to allocate adequate space in your planning? As with any remodelling or construction, things do go wrong and the use of incorrect materials could see you forking more money out in the long run. Look at the aesthectics of the material and its quality before making any decision!

Size and Shape

So you've chosen your kitchen style and colour but are yet to include the measurements for your appliances and of course your kitchen sink. Consider the amount of people you entertain in your home and whether you have children before making a decision on your kitchen sink.

A double sink could be more efficient in washing and rinsing off dirty dishes and may be a better option for your home, investing in a larger kitchen sink is also best for those days when you need to wash larger plates and platters, so keep that in mind!

Drains (Types of Valves)

Now that you've chosen your kitchen sink, it is important to check the quality of the valves and pipes available to ensure that no damage or flooding may occur in your revamped kitchen. The sink is ultimately the place where leftovers are washed off so at times food will be washed down into the drain as well, choosing valves that can handle the water and food and a good drainage system is definitely a must! 

On another note, don't you just love this fantastic black and white take on a small kitchen? The elegant design has been created by Portuguese architect Vanessa Santos Silva. It is truly a classic yet functional design!

Advantages of Materials

Certain materials such as stainless steel, quartz, granite, ceramic are a better choice for the space surrounding your kitchen sink, these materials have a long lifespan, are easy to clean and don't get moldy or house damp. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, it is imperative to include quality materials. Although there is no lifetime guarantee for these materials, they should be regarded with care and consideration, so always bare in mind some materials are more advantageous than others!

Disadvantages of Materials

Just as some materials are more advantageous for your kitchen sink, others are disadvantageous. However, whatever material you eventually decide on, one thing is definitely for sure… if it is a quality material, then there should be no reason for unforeseen damage. 

Dare to be different and have a fabulous kitchen, but take into consideration the quality of the material. Have a look at this unique yet stylish kitchen sink, it dares to be different and trendy with its natural wood dish rack… simply wonderful!

Fantatsic Faucet

This fantastic kitchen has so many magnificent elements about it from its spacious design to its uncluttered kitchen island, but today we concentrate on one… the unusual and unique faucet. It is modern and classic with a different, yet appealing characteristic that seems to break through the wall. This faucet certainly creates a functional and practical designer approach to the modern kitchen, and is an idea to keep our eye on!

Kitchen Accessories

We have come to the end of our ideabook, but that doesn't mean that we've forgotten the finer details. The elements that add that creative touch to a home… the accessories. The storage space for your sponges and detergents doesn't have to be gross and dreary, make them just as creative as your designer kitchen! Adding a rack to dry to sponges and store your dishwashing detergent will ensure your kitchen looks neat and tidy! 

If you are in the middle of a kitchen revamp and are at a loss for countertop ideas, then this ideabook is just for you: Cutting edge countertops for 21st century kitchens

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