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A lot of people would rather face world destruction than a bare wall. The sight of a blank, white wall conjures up images of poor taste and empty houses, and is really just too much to stand for some of us. True, the lack of wall art can make a wall seem pretty sad and bland, especially if it doesn’t have any interesting texture to boast about, like striking exposed brick. 

Although there are several interesting ways to transform a wall into a colourful and dynamic decor piece, today’s topic focuses exclusively on hanging pictures. And should you think that there is no art involved to hammering a set of framed photographs to a wall, think again! Although there are numerous possibilities to approaching one’s wall art, there are also several things one must NOT do to secure a stunning and eye-catching wall. 

Whether you prefer framed photos of family, friends and pets, black and white photographs of architectural ruins, or striking art pieces that cost a pretty penny, our list of tips will definitely not leave you hanging!

Even numbers

Here on homify, we are all about new approaches. So forget about what you think you know about unity in odd numbers – it’s not written in stone anywhere.  

For a much more dynamic approach and vision to those hanging wall elements, consider our example above. Quite unexpected, and yet it works beautifully. Three vertically-hung frames making up one image/idea, with a fourth one added to complete the scenario. 

But don’t think that you need to stick with Eiffel Towers! Let your imagination (and personal preference) guide you. For example, for those with a fascination for all things nautical, consider a tall palm tree cut up into frames as shown above. It is sure to add a striking touch to your beach house (or your visual wish for one), and will definitely make the friends and guests do a double take.

Vertical lines

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have high ceilings that boast a vast amount of air space. However, a clever trick with your wall pictures can give the impression that you do. 

Our case in point above shows four very distinct frames, yet it is the way they have been positioned that makes all the difference. Vertically aligning wall pieces divert attention to the vertical space, and make one’s eyes travel upwards. 

Using wall art with a strong presence and vivid colours (such as seen here) can make one’s wall (and, therefore, lack of height) fade into the background, placing more emphasis on the décor. The fact that the above frames are more portrait-shaped (vertical) simply adds to this clever trick.

For a horizontal approach

For a more left to right (or vice versa) approach, the magic of horizontal lines come into play. Adding some thought to one’s vertical alignment of pictures can make a wall seem elongated, and thus the room becomes more visually spacious. 

However, to follow the example shown here, one must ensure that the pictures are all in the right position. Frames correctly spaced apart from each other (and also meeting up horizontally) might sound like a rigorous effort, yet the result will be well worth it. 

We are in love with this design by A Stylish Existence – frames hung horizontally separate with firm precision, with dangling fairy lights added in-between for a charming vertical touch.

Organising composition

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Walls
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

Precision and planning is what it’s all about, and can be your ticket to figuring out what to do with that even (or odd) number of prints. 

Above we were faced with a rather small wall area, and nine square frames looking for the perfect wall spot. What to do? We let the square shapes of the frames guide us, and spaced them to form one gigantic square against the wall. Spaced apart with perfection (both horizontally and vertically) means they fill up the wall perfectly, and allows for a smooth eye travel from picture to picture. 

The fact that the wall art now portrays a structural look contrasts it superbly with the rest of the living room, which has a rather busy and uneven atmosphere. 

Notice anything else in our example? The squares of the wall frames are mirrored in the coffee table, as well as the side table, couch pillows, books, etc.

Disorganised composition

In contrast to our previous example, we present you with something totally different. But although these wall frames don’t follow a well-known pattern (such as a square), there’s still planning involved. 

Different-sized elements always present a challenge. In this case, the middle four images started out in a block-shaped flow, then slightly protruded sideways. Two additional frames were added on both sides, resulting in a bending yet still symmetrical look. 

This is definitely a more modern approach, as well as a bolder choice for wall art. It contrasts somewhat with the rest of the room, which is more simple and straightforward and where nothing seems out of place. Yet the neutral colours in both the frames and furniture link the wall with the room, making this a perfect example of balance.

For odd numbers

For those who swear by using odd numbers for decor, especially wall art, we support you 100%—hence, our next and final example. Using three frames in a neat vertical row is a very popular choice in homes and offices worldwide, so you know you’re in good company. 

Our example above shows three identical square-shaped frames, forming a neat vertical line. Although they do not take up a lot of space, they definitely pack a punch with their strong colours (made all the more vivid by the soft hue of the wall).

Working with threes – or fives, even – is usually a safe bet, especially if the objects are small. Just ensure your spacing is correct and that they form an even line. Then have fun deciding which photos (or art) you want to embellish your fabulous interiors! 

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How do you like to hang pictures in your home? Did we forget any techniques? If so, let us know!

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