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The beautiful container house that this family calls home

Leigh Leigh
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Designed by Spanish Architects, Abaton, this small, unique and modern transportable home is an icon when it comes to sustainable and contemporary design. Compact and featuring only the bare necessities, but in the most comfortable and stylish way possible, the best part about this home is that you can pick it up and put it down anywhere!

Think about it, with a home like this you could spend weeks at the sea, days at the base of a mountain, months in the countryside and even a year in the city! You'd never have to pack a bag or leave the comfort of your own home!

So let's visit this gorgeous little haven, where your views could change any day that you choose!

Peace and quiet

The first glimpse that we get of this house, we can see how simple, minimalist and elegant the design is. Small and sophisticated does the job because it's true when they say that dynamite comes in small packages!

The architects have gone for very simple and effective materials, including a light wooden structure with gorgeous glass doors that open out onto where-ever the home is based. Imagine the views! 

In this scene, the home has been placed in a field out in the country side. How incredibly peaceful and tranquil is this? 

You'll also notice that the designers have included a couple of outdoor chairs and a soft light just outside of the home. This allows for the inhabitants to sit outside in the evenings, soaking up the surrounds with a rich cup of coffee or a cold glass of wine. Lighting is very important when it comes to the outdoor space—you want to be able to see what you're doing. 

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Following the herd

This image shows us just how much is possible when it comes to a transportable home—it's unique, different and goes against the grain. Imagine waking up to a herd of cattle walking past your front door or listening to owls late at night? Everything is possible!

The home, which is rustic meets modern, is not grand or very big. We can see this clearly in this image. This works perfectly because:

1. It is transportable. We want the house to be light and easy to move so that nothing breaks or is damaged when moving it. 

2. It is sustainable. This is the type of home that you want in order to have the least impact on the environment. It has a small carbon footprint and uses up very little energy and power.

3. It fits anywhere. You want this house to be superimposed into whatever environment it finds itself in, without being too conspicuous or sticking out too much. It should blend beautifully into the surrounds. 

Living free

If we enter this quaint little home, we come into the living room and you would never think it was too small!

The designers have managed to achieve this by using the space wisely and creating a cocoon of warmth and light. For starters, they've stuck to very neutral and earthy furniture—wood, brown leather and white. This creates a light, warm feel—don't you just want to curl up on the sofa and watch the world go by?

They've also utilised vertical space, creating a shelf on the wall for books and storage space. This leaves more horizontal space free to move around in and for furniture. 

The designers have brought colour and decor into this space in the form of a soft, patterned rug and a beautiful vase of flowers. Nature is at the forefront of their design style, where they have used the surrounds to create natural colour and texture in and around the home.

As Nick Carter once said, Live life to the fullest, for the future is scarce.

Out of the box

From this angle we can see how the living room spills out of the glass windows and doors into the environment around the house. The transition between inside and outside is flawless.

We've already explored the living room but on the left of it is a little kitchenette, which is hiding behind the wall here. Can you believe a little kitchen would fit into this small space? But a little kitchenette is all that you need is this home, where salads can be tossed and delicious sandwiches can be made. This home has everything—including the kitchen sink!

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Peaceful sleep

While the bedroom is also small, it looks bigger thanks to a large square window that opens the room up so that you can see the views beyond. You can lie in bed and watch the stars!

Due to the size, the architects have opted for minimal furniture and very neutral colours. A touch of colour is introduced in the form of grey/blue cushions, which we just love. A vase of flowers also features in this room, adding colour and décor to the room without it being over the top. Natural is always the way to go if you can!

Vertical space has also been utilised in this area, where shelving holds up the linen and towels needed for everyday living in this little home. The key to living in a small home is to make the most of space! 

New adventures

Living in a home like this means that you can live like a tortoise—with your home on your back! Where ever you go, your home can follow you. 

A temporary home has many other advantages as well. For starters, a transportable home is much cheaper than a permanent, bricks and mortar structure. A home like this is made from low-cost materials and not much labour is needed, making it much cheaper to build.

Secondly, you know what you are getting—quality. Many permanent homes come with water damage, mould, pests and other hidden problems! With a clean, light structure like this, none of that is a problem.

Thirdly, it's very easy and quick to assemble so you can have a home without waiting months and months! 

With all of these benefits and with the freedom to travel anywhere, why wouldn't you want to live in a home like this?

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Would you like to be able to move your home to a new location? Where would you take it? Let's hear your ideas!
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