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Today, more than ever, we need to return to the essence of what makes us well, back to ourselves. Routine traffic and endless cement in large cities isolates us all more and more. To counteract this, we must ensure that our home is a source of inspiration, the place where we can find the peace, warmth and tranquillity we need. In this sense, bringing ourselves closer to nature and trying to incorporate some of it in the rooms of our house is a starting point to begin designing spaces and feeling more natural and healthy. 

In this Ideabook today we want to share some tips for healthier environments, incorporating natural materials, recycled items and even plants.

Let's begin! 

Recycled structures

Often we do not know how to set the mood in certain areas in our house, how to hide unseemly pipes or how to just give more life to the space.

The use of vegetable crates or wooden pallets is very popular and with it you can build designs you could never have imagined. We can even incorporate plants or build shelves, build a false ceiling or different types of furniture! The options really are endless, and all you need is some basic tools and lots of imagination. 

Decorate with nature

Here we see a beautiful living room, decorated only with different plants placed in separate containers which are supported in different places or hanging from the wall. The interesting thing about this fabulous idea lies not only in the aesthetics that occur in the environment, but also in the health factor.

There are several plants that help purify the air by removing chemical vapours, filtering toxins in exchange for fresh air and moisture. In this way we can do something good for our health and our house, whilst adding a touch of fun!

Green walls

On the other hand, there is another possibility for decorating a wall—going all-out! Incorporating a green wall in a room can be a great idea.

Not only does it help to clean the air of the room, as we saw above, but it also helps to create a sense of relaxation throughout the space and to inject life into certain corners that often seem sad and boring. We can create contrasts with bedding or cushions integrating the intense green plants as part of the décor. 

Feeling inspired? Learn more about: The Benefits Of A Living Wall.

All wood and super green

10 Smart SQM Tengbom Houses

10 Smart SQM


We continue our tips with a super interesting project, which was intended to generate the minimum impact on the environment and responding to an emerging need of the students of today.

Here we can see an example of student accommodation. By using plywood the construction company was able to reduce the total cost of construction and thus also the rent payable by students up to 50%. The environmental impact associated with carbon footprint is much lower than with traditional methods of construction. 

Divide and conquer with plants

Another very valid option is to use half-timbered divisions and plants to create panels to help separate different environments or cover walls without completely hiding what exists behind it.

Here are some succulents arranged in different boxes. These species require minimal watering and roots grow to adapt to containers with small dimensions.

Sustainable interior

With the guidance of Colectivo Creativo, we get fully into a super interesting project. In a mere few metres this modular housing meets all the requirements to live a more comfortable and environmentally-friendly manner. 

The interior is made entirely of wood—a composite specifically for the walls, and planked pine ceilings are applied. All that is required with the frame of the house is minimum furnishing and working on-site, which reduces waste of raw materials as well as having a surprisingly low impact on site and offering a wide adaptability to eco-sustainable systems. 

Design and construction using natural materials requires a full awareness of the impact this has on the environment and in our own lives. This is a path that will bring us many satisfying moments and benefits. 

How do you maintain a healthy home environment? Did any of our tips interest you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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