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Ramirez Arquitectura Villas Glass White
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Whether it’s a charming cottage out in rural Italy, or a gigantic mansion in upscale Los Angeles, homify 360°will be your guide and source. For today’s architectural gem, we travel to the town of Tigre, Buenos Aires, to discover a dream home superb for a family of five. 

Located in an upscale neighbourhood close to one of the most elite golf clubs, this modern villa is the stylish creation of Ramirez Architects. Our professionals had 380 square metres available to work their magic, and they pulled out all the stylish stops. Two floors, luxurious finishes, open car parks, stunning pool, tremendous garden… the list goes on, but what stands out most about this white stone creation is its functionality combined with its modern aesthetics.  

So, without any further ado…

Stylish in white

Looking at the façade shows us two superimposed cubes in a stark white palette. The stone vision is broken up ever so slightly by windows on both volumes, with the bottom one being hidden by a striking stone wall for added privacy. 

Apart from the hues, the façade is defined by its straight, clear shapes that intermingle fabulously with each other. Along with pristine white stone, warmer elements come into play in the form of wooden framed windows and doors.  

Bright spots of exterior lighting cheerfully illuminate the villa’s front side, gloriously announcing its presence in this superb neighbourhood.

The elegance at the back

Now moving on to the backyard, which gives the perspective of tranquillity. The large volumes portrayed by these two floors are interjected slightly by generous-sized windows, with the majority looking out onto the fresh green lawn and swimming pool area. This introduction of open glass ensures a smooth transition between the indoors and exterior spaces. 

The villa is laid out in an L shape, hugging the pool area and making it the focal point of this modern presentation. All ground floor rooms have direct access to the pool, ensuring a free-flowing environment for relaxing and socialising. 

A roof-covered parking area serves as the garage, with its absence of walls adding to the free-flowing vibe of the villa. Everything is light and open, and it portrays the perfect ambience of elegant coolness.

A fabulous setting

Our tour has barely started, but we’re very keen to proclaim this covered terrace as the main protagonist of the house. Easy-to-slide doors make for an open and inviting area, as well as a fabulous link with the outside spaces. 

The cool and tranquil whites and creams are balanced deliciously by the dramatic wood of the dining set, adding a soft rustic touch to our poolside cocktail hour.

Cleanliness for the kitchen

They say it’s inside what counts, so let’s continue to the interior layouts. And first up is the heart of any home – the kitchen. It is large, modern, and presents all the amenities we could wish for. Add to that a stylish design and bright white palette, and we are more than ready to get our hands dirty in pasta sauce and omelette mix – as long as we can spend time in this elegant setting. 

Don’t fail to notice that stunning island, the epitome of kitchen work surface and storage space. Its gleaming white tones blend in neatly with the rest of the kitchen’s palette, and offsets quite remarkably with those stainless steel appliances.

Going up in style

To reach the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, we turn to this elegant wooden staircase, complete with modern glass balustrades. And since we all know that space is important, here we see a clever way of making use of that difficult space underneath / next to a staircase. 

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A view that encourages sweet dreams

We locate the master bedroom, stunningly lit up with natural light and green-grass views. As with the rest of the house, strict care was taken to design the bedrooms with modern, simple and functional (yet elegant) touches. This is helped along by the prevailing use of white throughout the room, with neutral blacks and browns making their textured appearances on the bedspread and pillows. 

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Packing some elegant punches

We conclude our tour with a quick look at one of the bathrooms, which doesn't hold back in terms of luxury or elegance. The floor-to-ceiling mirror adds a delightful element of depth to the room, a clever use for small spaces.

The whites and creams dance gracefully with the stainless steel sink. And those modern hanging lights complete the contemporary character of this bathroom rather charmingly, ensuring an atmosphere that does a terrific job of rivalling the rest of the house.

Dream house, or not your style at all? Did you have a favourite design feature? Share with us your thoughts! 

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