This house looks like it has one floor—but it has two!

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HUGA ARQUITECTOS Rustic style house
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Today on homify 360°, we fall in love at first sight. And the object of our affection is a charming rustic villa with heaps of architectural exquisiteness. The team over at Spain-based Huga Architects wanted to create an interesting project that makes use of natural materials and exudes a friendly ambience. Challenge completed, we’d say! 

Flaunting modern features that are bathed in charming rustic designs, this villa shows off its striking stone façade with pure dedication to quality. But what is a beautiful house without a stunning garden to boot? And what if that garden happens to look like it was picked out of a fairytale-like setting?

From the outside

Built with expressive use of stone, this house certainly draws the attention of those who pass through it. The facade is crafted completely of stone, with the natural exception of windows, doors and a roof made from a combination of materials including wood, ceramics, glass and steel. The most predominant reason why the house stands out is thanks to its use of natural colors such as browns and other warm tones.

Stone is the star

Viewing the façade, it is clear that stone is the main protagonist of this villa. And who would want to resist it? Stone has been known for centuries as a timeless material that is consistent with a myriad of different styles, always providing optimum results in terms of durability and aesthetic quality. And placing it on a lush green backdrop as shown here just maximises its beauty most strikingly. 

Echoing this superb look is the stepping stone path that leads to the front door. And what, would you say, is the main element that makes that main entrance so welcoming? Could it be the beautiful wooden coating of the sliding door? How about the attractive pot plants on either side?

A relaxing backyard

Now we turn our focus to the back side of this little villa, where we meet up with an open, welcoming spot of charm. Large, open sliding doors set up a strong link between the exterior and interior spaces – and who could resist a view of that magical garden? 

Even though we are a firm believer in the natural stone element, we have to give a thumbs-up to that wooden deck serving as the back terrace – its grey tone fantastically joins the neutral palette of the façade. Add a wooden pergola and timber coating of the façade wall, along with those comfy seating options and exterior dining set, and we have an idyllic location where we can dream away the summer days. 

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Stylishly spacious

A wide open exterior certainly needs an interior equivalent. The architects seemingly agreed, which is why they opted for this spacious open plan. 

Behold a living room and dining room divided, but clearly not separated. Only a modern, strikingly suspended fireplace divides these two areas. Modern furniture pieces adorn all areas here, with a touch of classic style present. 

Neutral colours flow faultlessly from one corner to the other, with eye-catching spots of warm colours dishing up modern décor.

The kitchen that has it all

The kitchen opted for a 100% modern approach. The real highlight here has to be that island – an elegant culinary solution which is trending in more and more homes these days. This model boasts a well-defined area for food preparation that extends into a delicate dining space (or for friends keeping the dedicated cook company over a glass of Merlot). 

A sophisticated metallic tone adorns the appliances, agreeably mixing with the neutral hues of the kitchen. Modern appliances, stunning colour tones, and a decent dash of sunlight – what else could one wish for in a kitchen?

Perfect for dream time

When it’s time to bid the day farewell, we turn towards this seemingly-floating bed. What a delicate touch, providing a snug feeling of dreaming away on a bed of clouds. 

The furniture pieces are far from excessive, instead allowing the presence of space to be the real decor here. Warm colour tones combine with natural light to present a warm and comfy dozing spot, with a fairytale garden view as an added bonus. 

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The beauty of that bathroom

In a house where every room seems to be designed with class and style, certainly we would expect the bathroom to not fall behind? And luckily, it doesn't – that combination of timber with white walls demonstrates a terrific sense of aesthetics. 

The mirror and counter portray their linear layout with style, yet the counter expresses a need to take a slight dip on the left-side, ideal to place a handful of colourful and decorative elements.

The fairytale garden

We just couldn't resist the urge to take one last look at that magical garden. That lush green grass and colourful flora do a fantastic job of setting a high bar for other gardens. Add some crisp white stones for the gardens, and the exterior becomes an exquisite force that is sure to make neighbours do a double-take. 

Is it not the ideal spot for children to run around, letting their imaginations take flight? Or for adults to have a soft sit-down on the shaded lawn, enjoying a chit-chat and some iced lemonade?

Our favourite part of the house? That garden, of course! Share your thoughts with us, below...

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