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Dröm Living Classic style bedroom
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We at homify find ourselves in Barcelona today to visit a project we love. This modestly-sized apartment of only 90 square metres have been rendered truly amazing. Every space has been meticulously designed and the perfect distribution of interior elements makes the best of every nook and cranny in the house. 

Dröm Living, the interior designers and architects behind this exciting project, said that the owners of the apartment wanted a comprehensive reform of the space to make it brighter and more expansive, and to reconcile comfort with functionality. As the owners are in love with their neighbourhood and rather wanted to transform their space than move to a bigger apartment, the key challenges were to create sufficient storage space, expanding the public areas, and creating a warm, elegant atmosphere suited to the personality of the family.

We are sure you will agree with us that the family got all they wanted and more! It is a home that's easy to love, and you can even draw some inspiration from it for your own home. The main takeaway of this article, however, is to see what can be done in a mere 90sqm!

At first glance

Our introduction to the apartment takes place in the social area, where we get a good overview of the open-plan rooms of the house. In the foreground is the lounge, with colours that is a priori cold, but in this specific ensemble creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The white walls and other neutral surfaces create a sense of spaciousness, whilst minimal and smaller pieces of furniture ensures more free space is available. Minimalism is surely a good way to go in small spaces such as this, as the elegance of its simplicity can be achieved without overcrowding the already-limited space. 

The geometric patterns of the rug and throw pillows in this lounge brings some visual interest to add just a twist to the minimal aesthetic. 

Modern and functional

The dining room can be one of the simplest, most beautiful rooms in the house. It is clear that the main material used in this minimal dining room is wood, and the overall effect is that of a natural and warm space. 

The simple black, modern chairs accompanying the dining table gives the room a contemporary edge, whilst the pendant lights hanging low over the table is a popular trend in design at the moment.

Functionality and aesthetics truly meet in this space, whilst it also feels fresh and open. We can clearly see how the designers worked with the home owners' vision to make the most of the available space. 

Great white

As we can see here in this image, the designers have chosen to go with large wide storage cabinets that fit together seamlessly, and looks like it is part of the architecture. This is a good choice for such a petite apartment, since the streamlined storage allows for more free space and the white colour expands the visual area. 

From this vantage point we can also see that the house has a convenient brick terrace which can be accessed of the lounge. This will make parties easier, as the outdoor space can be used when the guest become too many for the indoors. 

All you need in a narrow space

The kitchen of the home is situated in a narrow, elongated space. This is a form of room that is often difficult to furnish properly. In this case, the designers have taken advantage of what they had available to make working spaces on the sides and a beautifully decorated centre. 

The walls and cabinets in the kitchen are also all-white, in order to make the most of what the space feels like. 

The hydraulic tiles are graced with a neutral-coloured, yet very detailed pattern which brings some much-needed decoration to the area. 

The perfect fit

This bathroom has seized every corner of space the area has to offer in order to make the best of it. You might ask how they did this, and there are a few ways. For example, extending the top of the dual sink, positioning a towel rack above it, reducing the size of the tub… all combining the colours that predominates throughout the house such as white, black, grey and beige. 

The walls and ceiling are kept neutral to keep the space clear and extended. The hexagonal ceramic tiles creates a gentle tonal pattern to give the space life.

For more inspiration on laying tiles, take a look at how you can: Enhance Your Home With Modern Tiles.

Comfortable and cosy bedroom

The bedroom is a space that should transmit serenity, elegance, and simplicity, but serenity should be paramount if it's a space were you want to sleep and relax. We can see how the designers achieves this by opting for warmer, light fabrics in both the bedding and curtains.

Simple decorations and lighting distributed properly throughout the room contributes to the cosy feeling a bedroom should transmit. This being said, the curtains do provide sufficient privacy whilst still allowing natural light to permeate. 

Do you live in a smaller home? Would living more minimally improve your environment? Share your thoughts with us...

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