​This Wooden House is a Little Black Beauty

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De Zwarte Hond Patios Wood
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Here on homify 360°, we pride ourselves on bringing you architectural creations that awaken a range of thoughts. Breathtaking. Awestruck. Speechless. Yes, we have them all. But one thing that a stunning structure needs is a striking setting. And what could be more striking than the Netherlands, a European country known for its level landscapes, beautiful canals, gorgeous tulip fields and magical windmills? 

Today, Dutch architectural company De Zwarte Hond shares with us one of their Scandinavian-style creations. A wooden house that is eye-catching, yet also inspiring. An abode that is leisure-friendly, yet practical. A colour scheme that is simple, yet quite varied.

Let’s discover the alluring house! 

A charming hello

It’s safe to say that, as far as first impressions go, this creation is definitely eye-catching. And we don’t just mean the design of the house. The black wood stands out superbly against the lush green shades of the grass and trees, as well as the cool blue sky. Along with the tanned outline of the pergola and white frames of the doors and windows, the façade forms a unity of form and colour that is nothing short of flattering. 

A spacious wooden deck is our link to the lush lawn, on which two loungers stand ready and waiting to fill our thoughts with daydreams. Add a pitcher full of lemonade, as well as some good reading material, and we have a prime holiday spot!

A harmony of lines

Upon closer inspection, we can clearly see how well the wooden panelling works together. It’s a dance of linear designs, a perfect unity of horizontal and vertical strokes, offset by an exceptional colour clash between light and dark.  

To further enhance this extremity between the two tones, pure white has been brought in – both in the window- and door frames, as well as the pebble design framing the end of the deck.  

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A stunning outline

We feel the need to inspect that deck and pergola a bit more before entering the interiors. The honey-toned pergola structure adds a striking look to the exterior, and we just love how the dark wooden dining set stands out on the lighter-coloured deck. 

With a deck as wide and open as this, it is very tempting to add numerous items, such as flower pots, statues, and other decorative objects to fill it up; however, it was wisely decided to play on the presence of space instead, and have it flow together deliciously with the wide and spacious lawn.

Light and bright interiors

It’s time to see the cosy atmosphere of the inside. A quick look at this corner door section reveals clever spatial dimensions – this house is certainly bigger than it appears from the outside. And it is very clearly helped by the light colour tones, as well as the abundance of glass doors and windows. 

The white palette of the interior counteracts brilliantly with the dark facade of the exterior surfaces, allowing for entrance into the house to be a calming and soothing action.

Fit for the stylish chef

What are our thoughts on this modern kitchen? The light and dark form a charming homely atmosphere, making us reminisce about those home-cooked meals we grew up with. 

In addition to the charming factor, we also get a sense of clean spaciousness, no doubt because of the almost minimalist approach to décor and furniture. Only the most necessary elements were added here, and it works superbly. 

The kitchen boasts a decidedly modern look because of its straight lines, and makes the area look neat, uncluttered and quite graceful. Dark tones adorn the island and counter surfaces, breaking the white interior palette ever so slightly.

Clever contrast

The dining room is where we find an eye-catching contrast in the house, with the superbly rustic table highlighting the entire area. But to avoid things from getting out of hand, the chairs revert back to a clean and modern layout, with their pristine whiteness offsetting beautifully against the table’s caramel tones. 

Notice the geometric ceiling lamp hanging above the table. Its smooth lines offsets creatively with the organic sculpture on the dining table. This is an interior full of contrast and conversation, a world of varied designs and elements, yet remains decidedly clean and serene.  

But, of course, when it feels that it might become a bit too clean and quiet, we can always retreat to that lush and bushy landscape right outside! 

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We’d love to know what you think of the house, so share with us, below... 

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