Forget the expensive gym and get in shape at home

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So its that time of the year again… you've made your new years resolution to get fit but you haven't actually started a programme, joined a gym or kick-started a diet. But it's still quite early in the year so if you are thinking about getting into a regime, there is no time like the present! 

This Ideabook will provide you with hints and tips to make exercise easier for you by starting your exercise in a place that counts the most…  your home. Creating an exercise friendly home can be done, it just takes ambition and, of course, space to start the workout!

So whether you want to start Pilates, Zumba or even aerobics this can be done in the comfort of your own home by simply buying a training programme and allocating an exercise area in front of the TV.

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Simple stair master

The easiest way to get great legs is by making use of the staircase for exercise. For some this may be quite easy as they are already used to climbing up and down stairs but for others the stairs may be their enemy.

So make use of the stairs in your home or apartment complex and run up and down a few times a day. This is a great way to get your circulation going and will also tone and sculpt your legs. You can gradually make your routine a bit more difficult by skipping a step and stretching your legs on the stairs.

Create a fitness corner

Creating a fitness corner doesn't always mean you need to fork out a lot of money on expensive equipment, instead just allocate space in your bedroom or lounge with a yoga mat for that Zen time.

By investing in some DVD's of yoga, Zumba or Pilates you may see results by not even stepping out of your own home and will strengthen your core too. This is perfect if you're a private person that would rather sweat it out at home then in a gym.

Personal home gym

If you have an extra room in your home that you are not planning to use, why not add a home gym? It doesn't have to be hectic with all the equipment but can be a simple space for cardio and perhaps some spinning to keep those legs toned.

Think about that amount in gym fees that you would pay in a year… you can spend that same amount in creating your own home gym, which your whole family can use! Keeping your family fit can now be a priority!

Create a fun room for kids

This adorable design by Roselind Wilson Design will add some physical activity into your child's early development. Including this fun and functional climbing wall in your home will make sure that play dates remain fun-filled!

Physical activity doesn't have to be something your child is only exposed to later in life and with this climbing wall you might ignite a passion for rock climbing and abseiling… adventures await!

Take advantage of your garden

If you are blessed with a large garden and plenty of space, then perhaps consider creating a conditioning circuit training workout in the lush greenery of your own back yard. It's inexpensive and can be fun for the whole family!

You've used your garden for barbecues and family occasions, so why not add this fun aspect into your home and use your garden for exercise too! You've got the space so use it wisely!

Use the pool if you have one!

A swimming pool might be a tedious and tiresome effort for some, considering it needs to be cleaned regularly and maintained, but think about the health benefits of making use of your swimming pool.

It's a great work out and can be a fun family activity! It also gives you the opportunity to show off that bikini body that you have been working so hard on getting back. 

If you need more inspiration, see how you can: Whip Your Home Gym Into Shape.

Do you have any other tips to get fit at home? Might you be tempted to try any of these ideas? Let us know about your plans!

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