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Finding your ideal sofa

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The sofa is one of the key elements in our home. It brings magnificence to the living room, but it also brings us comfort and security—a place to relax. Sitting or lying on the couch is one of the most wonderful sensations that we can experience, especially in the evening after a long day at work. Don't you find that there is nothing better than relaxing and reading your favourite homify articles, comfortable and snug on your sofa?

The sofa is a place of refuge in your house, where you can sit alone or in the company of your guests when they come to visit. This is why we want to provide you with the perfect advice throughout this article, giving you wise advice and beautiful images that will inspire and captivate you when it comes to sofas.

Choosing or buying the sofa is not an easy task or something that can be done one Sunday on a stroll. It takes time to see, to question, to ponder and to decide. From size to colour to shape to form, there are thousands of different sofas on the market! It can leave us feeling terribly confused with all of the wonderful choices. But don't be put off with the abundance out there or by making a decision. You can always take one home and see what it looks like in your home and if it works with the design of the space. Before you buy a sofa, though, check with the seller about the quality, the guarantee period and any other information that you're interested in. 

Before choosing the ideal sofa, evaluate the type of decor, the colours and the size of the space in the room that you want to place your sofa. 

The location, durability and function are some of the key issues addressed in this article so let's not waste any time—read on for the tips that we have for you today.

Make sure it’s multifunctional

We believe that a sofa should serve both functions: to sit down and to take a nap. What's better than drifting off to sleep with a good book on the sofa when your eyes are feeling heavy? You can't resist, right?

On the other hand, there is also the issue of a sofa bed—you need to decide if you want it to fold out into a proper sleeping space. If you already have a spare bed in your home, then you don't have to worry about this and all that you have to do is choose a beautiful sofa. But if you have lots of friends and family who you'd like to stay over, having a sofa bed available makes a huge difference. It also doesn't take up as much space as a bed so it's the perfect option for night time!

If you do have a guest room, utilise it. It's much more comfortable for your guests to have a bedroom and a proper bed to sleep in!

Consider the size

The size of your sofa will always depend on the amount of space that you have available. Of course, if your room is small, you will not buy a sofa that has same dimensions of the room itself because you won't have space to fit any other furniture or pass the sofa. This will make the room strange and unappealing. If your room is large then choosing a small sofa may leave it looking lost in an imposing space.

The sofa should therefore be relevant to the area of the living room—there must be balance. This design, by Intense Mobiliario E Interiors, is the perfect example. Take measurements of your room before you buy a sofa. A good trick used by designers is to use a sheet on the ground so that you get a real sense of the area that the sofa will occupy. 

Before buying a sofa, you also need to check if it will fit through the gate, in the elevator or up the stairs. You don't want to get stuck!

Consider its location

The position of the sofa is a very important factor, but we don't want you to feel that it's a final decision that can't be changed. If you do not like where you've put the sofa, there is always a way to change the position so that you can find the perfect place. On the other hand, when you want to make a change in your living room, moving the furniture around is a fantastic plan. 

Generally in houses, there is already a pre-defined space for a sofa. This is because there is usually a plug point for the television and therefore, the sofa is meant to go opposite this. This pre-defined space for the sofa is usually close the window. This is the ideal space to relax and enjoy the view. You'll also be able to feel the sunlight here… how nice?

Decide how many units you need

There is a wide range of styles and models of sofas available—ones that fit into a corner, that stand alone individually or that come in pairs. This can be confusing because there are so many choices on the market! 

This has a lot to do with personal taste, but also the amount of space that you have available. If you have a little bit of space, it does not make sense to put two sofas of the same size in a room. However, you can pair a sofa with an armchair, which works together perfectly and provides an extra seat for whoever is your room.

If you have the space and like this classic design, then opt for this easy solution. It allows for more seats and you can have two sofa beds to nap on!

Don't forget fabric

The fabric is chosen due to the colours that you are looking for. Otherwise, you can measure how much fabric that you need and choose a piece of furniture that will fit. There are so many fabrics to choose from including fabric, leather, suede or velvet. All of these option are quite good and no one type of material is better than the other because it totally depends on your tastes. 

However, if you prefer a sofa that has more durability, then you want to go for fabric that is thick. You also want your sofa to be made with supportive wire frames. You also want to go for fabric that doesn't stretch too much—you don't want to end up with a deformed couch after all of the sitting and lying down!

Also keep in mind that leather sofas are a bit colder. When you first sit down on one, you have that feeling of chill, especially in winter. Velvet or suede can be a little bit softer and feel more pleasant to the body but the fact is that a leather sofa just oozes class and luxury.

If you've just moved in with your partner, you may have some trouble deciding together what fabric you want, so let us show you: This Is How To Decorate Your First Home Together.

A splash of colour

The colour is all about the mood that you want to go for in the room. True, the common colours usually used for sofas include white, black, grey, brown or beige. But you are allowed to escape that cliché and give a touch of colour to this piece of furniture, just like Mahir Mobilya have done here.

Current new trends are showing fresh colours that are daring and different such as red, blue, purple and green or with colourful patterns. An energetic colour for the couch promises a room full of life and colour, which can break up the remaining neutral spaces. 

But the fact is that you if you do choose the standard more neutral colours for the sofa, it will be less risky and you can use different decor elements to lighten and brighten the room up.

When choosing a colour, think about the trends of today but also think about tomorrow. You don't want to be bored of your sofa in a few days!

Don’t forget to accessorise

The sofa is already quite an imposing piece of furniture, taking up quite a lot of space in your living room. Therefore it has to be an integral part of the décor and not simply an item that is just placed there because it has to be. It needs to match everything and everything needs to match it. Integrate your sofa with décor pieces throughout your living room, creating the mood and style that you want.

When you enter your living room, you should feel comfortable but you should also feel like you have good taste. You want a room just like this one, decorated by Filipa Cunha Interiors, that inspires us and is beautiful. It needs to be well put together.

What's most important to you when buying a sofa? Let us know in the comments!
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