9 smart and stylish ideas for the space under your stairs (as seen in modern homes)

Nadia Daruiz Nadia Daruiz
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Ever get that feeling that the space beneath the staircase can be used for more than just a hide-out for your kids? If maximum utilization of space is something that concerns you, then this ideabook is bound to satisfy! 

We share with you 9 possibilities that will help you improve your home. Get the best use of the space under the stairs right here.

1. A small winter garden in the space beneath the stairs

Who said that greenery is subject only to the outdoors right? With this idea, the smallest of all spaces can be turned into an indoor garden. Line the bottom with pebbles and pick out cute little shrubs or plants to add some life to the area. 

2. Nap time beneath the stairs?

If a cozy little retreat appeals to you, then this idea is perfect! Why walk all the way up to the bedroom when you can just nap away in the closest available spot? 

3. A library beneath the stairs

You could also turn the space beneath the stairs into a miniature library. Add in shelves as and how you please and keep all your favorite books there. This is a nice little hack for homes that can't afford the space that a regular book shelf or perhaps library would take up. 

4. A fireplace under the stairs

If your home can't accommodate a fireplace at the quintessential location of one, then why not place one in the next best place? You know what's coming next, don't you? This idea adds a level of sophistication to the living room filling up any empty spaces in the process.  

5. A zen garden beneath the stairs

A zen garden livens the area regardless of where it's placed. How about matching the color of the elements of the zen garden to that of the tiles of your stairway? 

6. A miniature art gallery beneath the stairs

A miniature art gallery could be a wonderful idea for folk who indulge in artistic works looking to showcase the same. You can spruce up the area by frequently rotating the elements and arrangements frequently. 

7. A getaway beneath the stairs

A simple set of chairs can also be placed beneath the staircase. This can be used to accommodate extra guests when your home fills up with people! 

8. Extra storage space under the stairs

 Corridor, hallway & stairs  by buss

Under Stairs Storage


Here is a great idea which is Oh so practical, you can't bat an eyelid against it! Organize your footwear by turning the space under the staircase into a shoe rack. The strategic location of the staircase right next to the entrance makes this idea all the more practical. 

9. A showcase under the stairs

Rather than leaving the space beneath larger staircases empty, you can turn it into a showcase. Place your favorite artifacts to grab the attention of passersby. 

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