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11 easy ideas to make your bathroom look like a hotel

Nadia Daruiz Nadia Daruiz
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Everybody loves a clean and organized bathroom to feel just like travelling. The feeling that travel brings about, especially at the end of the day when you draw yourself a nice long bath is often the best way to end any day. Fluffy towels, white bath robes and tiny bottles brimming with sweet smelling shower gels- it's a decadent feeling that's impossible to forget! But why stop at the experience just when you're away from home? What if you could replicate the same, right in your home making it the sanctuary that you turn to when you retreat for the day? Here are 11 easy ideas to indulge in so as to make your bathroom that part of the house where you can relax.

1. Lots of plants in the bathroom

Greenery adds a certain charm to just about anywhere that it's placed. There is a general connect that one feels when in the presence of nature which can be replicated by placing plants in the bathroom. 

2. A bathtub for the bathroom

A bathtub lets you unwind and prolong your bath for longer than you normally would! A nice weekend routine could include relaxing in the tub with a glass of wine as accompaniment. 

3. Granite flooring for the bathroom

Granite flooring add a nice finish to the bathroom. The smooth surface can be made the most of by teaming it with furniture of the same color. 

4. Black and white colors in the bathroom

mediterranean Bathroom by Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo
Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo

Relajante bañera con ventanal al jardín

Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo

Black and white makes for the perfect combination in just about any room, including the bathroom. Add in some greenery as well for the best finish. 

5. Use smooth lights for the bathroom

Lights have the ability of creating the right ambiance. In the bathroom, softer colors can be opted for as they create a nice look and feel.  

6. Use wood in the walls or floors of the bathroom

Wood is a nice material to add in the bathroom. You could either go for wooden walls or wooden tiling, or both if you like! The choice is entirely up to you. 

7. Jacuzzi in the bathroom

A Jacuzzi is not only a great addition to the bathroom, but also is a wonderful way to relax and unwind whenever you like. For a real hotel like experience, a Jacuzzi is definitely the way to go. 

8. A vertical garden in the bathroom

Rather than going for a couple of potted plants in the bathroom, why not unleash the wild side! Go for a vertical garden that occupies an entire wall of your bathroom, preferably right next to the bathtub so that you can revel in the beauty that is nature. 

9. Tiling in the bathroom

Sometimes, it's the little ideas that make all the impact. A simple all white ensemble such as this in the bathroom could be all that you need really. 

10. Pay attention to detailing in the bathroom

Rustic homes and bathrooms have become the norm of late and by the looks of it, it's likely to stay. Focus on the detailing of the walls and tiles to create a hotel like experience for your guests and yourself. 

11. Candles for the bathroom

rustic Bathroom by von Mann Architektur GmbH
von Mann Architektur GmbH

Badezimmer im Dachgeschoss

von Mann Architektur GmbH

Add candles to the bathroom for a hotel like experience that you would not want to forget!

For more inspiration, look here. 

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