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25 inspiring living rooms for small homes

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Persianas La Sombra Living room
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Having a small home is no longer a limitation for stylish design or decor these days, given the numerous creative ideas available. No matter what the size of a living room is, you can make it shine with the right colours, sleek furniture, and tasteful decor. And here are 25 pictures to prove that. Take a look to gather some brilliant ideas to make the most of small spaces.

1. Full of life

Vibrant sofas, lush potted plants and jute armchairs make this living room earthy, comfy as well as unique.

2. Cosy and simple

Despite the modest dimensions of this living space, we see how warm tones and whites make this a cosy spot for entertaining and relaxing.

3. Right kind of furniture

Unik Flip House 2 Williamsburg San Antonio Tx Living Room Noelia Ünik Designs Living room
Noelia Ünik Designs

Unik Flip House 2 Williamsburg San Antonio Tx Living Room

Noelia Ünik Designs

Choose furniture pieces with personality for small rooms like the beautiful sofa with colourful cushions shown here.

4. Compact yet trendy

This very modern living room opens up to the small dining space and is furnished trendily. The framed posters, bookshelf and rug add youthfulness here.

5. Soft textiles can do wonders

Plush natural fabrics like cotton, linen or fleece can add tons of charm and comfort to any living room.

6. Experiment with bright colours

Smiling Spirit Pixers Living room Multicolored

Smiling Spirit


It is always a good idea to introduce different bright colours and interesting patterns in a small living room to take away attention from its dimensions. This beautiful living room was rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Pixers.

7. Stay classic

Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern living room



No matter how small a room is, classic furniture and shapes never go out of style. Just keep them sleek.

8. Refreshing vibe

Ham Yard Hotel suite, London Vanderhurd Hotels

Ham Yard Hotel suite, London


Soft peach hues on the furniture, vibrant flowers, elegant lamps and a pair of abstract artworks make this living room very inviting.

9. Make your sofa the king

In a small living room, a stylish sofa dotted with colourful cushions will always steal the show.

10. Use multifunctional furniture

To save on precious floor area, use furniture that allows seating and storage both. Go for wall-mounted shelves that look better than a cabinet on the floor.

11. Make the door large

The door leading to the living room can be large and preferably in glass, to create the illusion of more space and brightness.

12. Open layout

Do away with internal walls between the living room and dining or kitchen. Use the sofa to demarcate spaces instead.

13. Reserve more space for living

If possible, make your kitchen and dining a little smaller and the living room larger.

14. Furniture of the right size

Small furniture pieces will not only fit well in small living rooms, but also look adorable.

15. Highlight with colours

Choose colours wisely to make you living room attractive like here we see a stunning palette of blue and white.

16. Use colours to define

The right colours, even if they are neutrals, can help you define the mood of your living room.

17. Lively accessories

Cushions and tables in bright colours can make a huge difference to your living room besides lively artworks.

18. Corner wonder

A corner sofa can add lots of functionality as well as style to the smallest of living rooms.

19. Consider every detail

Keep an eye on details while desecrating a small living room and make sure that everything looks cohesive.

20. Pick smart furniture

Using furniture like a sofa cum bed can be a brilliant idea for small spaces, as it serves two functions elegantly.

21. Utilise your walls

If you wish to keep a big sofa, put up sleek shelves on walls to arrange all odds and ends neatly without crowding the floor.

22. Pattern play

Rugs with stripes like this one can add a sense of depth to a small living room.

23. Natural light

Make sure your living room gets ample sunlight to look bright and spacious.

24. Rustic touch

The earthy hue of the brick wall in this living room is very impressive and contrasts the white sofas nicely.

25. Old world and elegant

If you wish to make a unique impression on your guests, mix different materials and textures like wood, leather and use distinctive wallpapers.  

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