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42 Beautiful and budget friendly closet designs

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There are many ways to organize our clothes and accessories. Some people prefer open cabinets with everything hanging in plain sight, while others prefer cabinets with fully reserved doors. May of you might even like closets where you can head into the fashion world and come out ready for any occasion. 

For example, if you had a choice, would you like to keep your clothes free of dust? Or turn your bedroom into a store, where everything is at hand? All of these choices affect the size and layout of your closet and the necessary elements such as shelves, drawers and hangers. 

Also, do not forget to take into consideration what type of layout your pieces ask for and that it is not over your final budget. Today we will show 42 ideas for the wardrobe or closet so that you can organize your belongings without going overboard with expenditure.  

1. Open shelves

Open shelves are best in case you want everything to be visible. 

2. Hanging rack

If you want your clothes to be easy to grab then such racks are ideal. 

3. Metal racks

For a more sturdy version of open shelves you must consider using metal ones. 

4. Hanger unit

Similar hanger units are not only sleek but also perfect for small storage needs. 

5. Walk-in closet

In case you want something more elaborate then create a proper walk-in closet. 

6. Open cabinet

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Classic style dressing room
Tim Wood Limited

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

For storing accessories the best option is to use low-height cabinets. 

7. Hanging rods

Another option available to those looking for simple cupboards are these hanging rods. 

8. Pull-out rods

A more modern version of the traditional hanging rods are these pull-out ones. 

9. Prefabricated fixture

There are many companies which build prefabricated cabinet fixtures and they are easy to install. 

10. Single line rod

Place a single metal rod in your room so that it can be used as a place to hang clothes. 

11. Wall mounted

Similar to prefabricated ones these units also come ready made. Although, they need to be mounted on the wall. 

12. Wood cabinets

using wood to create your cabinet will allow you to have a strong structure. 

13. In the attic

If you want to create a closet in the attic then use the lower side to install open shelves.

14. Fully functional

Create a corner cupboard combining different storage units. 

15. Sliding door

closets with sliding doors are ideal if you are looking to save space. 

16. Regular cupboard

Standard cupboards can also be a great alternative if you want to stick to traditional layouts. 

17. Sliding hangers

Here the designer has installled sliding hanges to make the process convenient. 

18. Glass shelves

You can even use glass shelves to make the overall structure light. 

19. Fiber board

Another light weight alternative for cupboards are the ones made with fiber board. 

20. Entirely white

Color your closet with the color white to make it look modern. 

21. Adjustable shelves

Use similar shelves that can be adjusted according to your needs. 

22. Drawers

A chest of drawers can also serve the purpose of storage. 

23. Storage wall

Here the entire wall has been transformed into an open cupboard. 

24. Natural wood closet

Using wood in its real form will add a unique warmth to your closet. 

25. Proper lighting

Make sure that you incorporate proper lighting in the closet as well. 

26. Hanging nobs

Similar looking hanging nobs are ideal for storing daily essentials.

27. Wall separator

Here the designer has used a wall separator to divide the bedroom and closet. 

28. Vertical storage

Even if it is a walk-in closet make sure you use the verticle space well. 

29. Mezzanine

Here the mezzanine has been used as a open concept cupboard. 

30. Near the bathroom

The dresser or closet should always be placed near the bathroom to make everyday easy. 

31. For formal wear

Hanging units are the best option when your looking to store your formal wear. 

32. Open concept

Here the bathroom and cupboard are both designed on an open concept. 

33. Glass door

Glass doors can also be used in case you want to conceal the closet.  

34. Creative ideas

Using creative ideas like these will allow you to create a hanging unit out of reusable wood and other materials.

35. Subtle interior

This walk-in closet has been designed completely with wood, including its floor giving it a traditional look. 

36. Concealed cupboard

In case you do not want the closet to stand out then use the same building material as teh rest of teh room. 

37. Polished wood

Another good alternative to natural wood is the polished one which looks more regal. 

38. Combining materials

Combine different materials like wood and fiber to create a custom look.   

39. Parallel closet

Here the designer has created a parallel layout so that it is convenient to walk in the room. 

40. Grey color

Paint your cupboard with the color grey to create a harmonious look. 

41. With a mirror

Place a mirror near your closet to make getting dressed up easy. 

42. Storing accessories

To store clothing accessories like ties create specific drawers with separate chambers. 

For more options check out our ideabooks

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