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30 best living room decoration tips for your home

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Living room plays a key role in our homes. It is in this environment that most of the social relationships within the home develop. Whether it is between the people who live together or the guests we love to receive. Therefore, there are certain requirements that living rooms must meet. For example reaching a good level of comfort with the right lighting, suitable furniture and a tasteful decor.

Our interior architects are here to showcase 30 great examples of how to decorate your living room, regardless of its size and style. With modern and intelligent decoration solutions, a simple room can gain a special look. Making it the home's favorite place. 

1. Focal wall

You should always finish the main wall differently. 

2. Practical partitions

Here is a two in one layout where the furniture has been used to separating the living room. It makes the space look versatile. 

3. Mirrors

You can also decorate the with mirrors and enhance the lighting to make it look wider. 

4. Curtains

Always opt for thin curtains to let natural sunlight enter the home. 

5. Patterns

Apparent and beautiful patters can be used to play with the rustic and modern style of the room. 

6. Creative ideas

Use creative divider to separate the living room from the dining room. 

7. Sleek island

A smart and sleek island can be used to save area and decorate it as well. 

8. Flowers

Add flowers to the room even if they are as minimalistic as this image. 

9. Mix patters

Mix patterns leave the decoration of this room more dynamic. 

10. Neon light

Add a neon light to give the finishing touches. 

11. Tv cabinet

Create a wooden panel that acts as a frame for the TV instead of a full cabinet. 

12. Contemporary

Here is a contemporary design with minimalist ideas to get inspired. 

13. Pictures

You can also hang small pictures on the walls. 

14. Large frames

Larger frames also look as beautiful as the smaller ones. 

15. Custom interior

You can even decorate with personal objects to leave a unique touch in the room. 

16 Vertical space

Create high shelves to accommodate different decorative elements. 

17. Warm ambiance

A warm light asks for natural elements such as stone and wood which can create a cozy ambiance. 

18. Plants

Plants can bring life to any environment. 

19. Vibrant colors

Use cheerful colors for creating a relaxed room. 

20. Create contrast

Bet on a piece with a strong color that contrasts with the decoration

21. Accessories

You can even use colored pillows with different patterns to accessorise the space. 

22. Modern mirrors

Mirrors look better when they have a modern design. 

23. Smooth surfaces

Always create smooth surfaces and highlight them by incorporating vivid colors. 

24. Custom furniture

A tailor-made piece of furniture always falls like a glove.

25. Bright furniture

Here the red sofa makes the room more welcoming. 

26. Organizing

You can create several niches to organize and compose the decoration. 

27. Modern furniture

Here we see contemporary and modern furniture with straight lines and plants going up the walls. 

28. Rustic touch

To create a rustic decoration try using baskets of straw and wood. 

29. Wood and white color

White color and wood is a combination without any errors. 

30. Curtains and rugs

Use light curtain and fur rug for a comfortable environment. 

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