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16 best stone wall ideas for your home

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Get ready as you will soon enjoy an incredible combination of living space and stone architecture. We have selected 16  living rooms for your inspiration which showcases several ways to include stone as a wall covering. It can be present in the pillars, in one or more walls, in a piece of furniture, or even as a decorative feature. Although the decision is yours, it is best to start with the examples so that you can choose the one that offers a better result for your space.

1. To beautify the living room

It's a simple way to coat the wall of your living room. The stone is an incredible resource because you will not even need to spend money on retouching or painting.

2. Divide environments

The stone is an excellent option for those who want to share the environments, just as the image shows.

3. Stone on all sides

When it comes to natural stone, you really can not deny that it is an excellent investment. Your home will have a warm and personalized atmosphere.

4. Contrast with the white wall

If you want a neutral color scheme in your home, then know that nothing works as well as a contrast than the natural stone.

5. To break the visual balance

It does not hurt to have a little stone in your living room so that it breaks with the smooth appearance of the whole atmosphere. In fact it is even highly recommended, because the visual monotony of the environment disappears.

6. Use stone as it is resistant

The stone is one of the most resistant materials that exist, so it is a good idea to include in your room where more solidity is needed.

7. Divide the interior and exterior

Using stone in this type of wall always causes a good feeling, as well as providing an excellent look and strength in the interior. It will take time for you to feel nauseous and want a new coat.

8. Allowing texture to express itself

The most typical feature of the stone as a coating is its texture whether in the room or any other space. So do not make the mistake of covering it to reduce its roughness.

9. Designed entirely with stone

If you want to highlight your room, then place the stone on the walls that surround the area. In the rest of the spaces install more discrete coatings. So, you will highlight just what you really want.

10. There are stones of all sizes

Combining various sizes of stones is another great way to invoke the presence of this noble material in your living room. It makes the environment looks romantic.

11. Brick counts as stone

Brick counts as a stone because it shares the same range of colors and size. Just look at the blocks that cover the wall of this room. Here the design has made everything more incredible.

12. Now brick-shaped stone

Here the natural stone has been cut in the shape of a regular brick. This is an excellent option to create stone walls simply and quickly.

13. The rustic origins

Although, modernity and minimalism have made the appearance of the pavement more linear and aesthetic. But we must never forget that the rusticity is in its essence.

14. The pieces of rack sizes

The bigger the pieces of stone you choose, the easier and faster it will be to cover the area of the room, especially if it is very spacious.

15. The traditional color

The stone as well as being one of the favorite materials of architecture, is also the best elements for incorporating earth tones. If you are a loyal follower of this color palette, then you already know what material to choose to coat your wall.

16. The small thickness is allied

When you want a stone coating for your living room, make sure that you choose an easy to install option. Therefore, we suggest that you acquire very fine and smooth pieces of stone from one side, thus avoiding complications in your application.

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