21 pictures of rustic homes to inspire you

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Arcadi Pla i Masmiquel Arquitecte Country style house
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Building cottages in open and airy spaces surrounded by nature will not only rejuvenate you but refresh and energize you completely. Let’s look at some 20 amazing ideas for such cottages.

1. A stony look

Using Stone and large windows, the idea is to stay as close to nature as possible. This beautiful house was rendered by the architects at Huga Arquitectos.

2. A duplex cottage with a terrace!

A gorgeous two-level cottage home that is pretty with the brickwork. It has a terrace to gaze at the scenery.

3. A European design

A splendid and majestic European style cottage in the middle of the hills will offer amazing views.

4. A stunning chalet

An attractive Chalet with its striking tiled effect creates a picturesque view of a beautiful home.

5. A simple and cool look for a cottage

The simplicity of the design cannot be ignored. The tiled floors with the big windows create a simple and natural look.

6. Contemporary design

Without doing much with the original structure, modern elements makes this cottage unique and classy.

7. Rustic and traditional

Keeping it as natural as possible, this stony structure is both rural and rustic.

8. Wooden cottage

With an extensive use of wood and a small patio that allows you to have hours of fun, this cottage screams “fun with family”!

9. A small cottage

A cottage for small spaces can be quite functional while being compact.

10. Cottage with pools

What’s a relaxing cottage without a gorgeous pool?  Long days of lazing in the pool are possible with this design.

11. Regal stony cottage

With an innovative use of modern technology and designs, stones make this cottage look very much like it has been there for centuries!

12. Wooden structures

Extensively and completely wooden, this cottage will make you fall in love with nature.

13. L- shaped cottage

This cottage with its unique shape allows for a pool to be put in and now it looks complete and fun. The colour is natural and cool.

14. A tiled look

A unique home completely done in stone and tiles keeps the look country and natural. The addition of a table completes the look.

15. A green cottage

This cottage has ample space for a garden. It can be a lawn but it can equally become a space with different kinds of plants as well.

16. Open style cottage

This is as open and close to nature as you get. Right in the center of trees and greenery, it's beautiful and serene.

17. Big cottage

An expansive and encompassing space, this includes everything you can ever want in a want.

18. A colourful home

With a pop of colour, this home while being simple looks bright and cheery.

19. A unique and modern home

Extensive use of glass and stone makes this cottage both spectacular and modern.

20. A complete home

While this may look like a cottage, it can perfectly work as a home with everything that it has!

21. Inviting in stone

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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