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Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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This amazing home has a fun unique and unusual design with some excellent characteristics that make it perfect for a modern family that loves style and functionality. It is designed by the architectural team at Bruno Oliveira and sees a well-planned and proportional living space come to life. 

The home is situated in Northern Portugal and is comfortable in every way possible, with a well-planned layout that creates a modern home, which includes everything from charming living room to wonderful storage space. Nothing has been forgotten!

Come and see it for yourself…

Street life

The main view of this house from the street shows an almost shy living space hidden behind a wooden door with a short break between the street entrance and doorway leading inside the home. This amazing home will certainly be attractive and eye-catching from the street level, while maintaining a level of privacy for the occupants.

Modern garden

This view of the amazing home shows a completely different perception of the home with more contact with the outdoor areas included. Large sliding doors and windows create a much more open space compared to the front of the home. The grassy green exterior space here would make the perfect spot to play catch on or host a child's birthday party!

Monochrome living

This space is so luxurious and classic with a more elegant look then the rest of the minimalist features of this fabulous home. The floor-to-ceiling shelf serves as storage space and a means to divide the room, while the comfortable chair is the perfect place to catch up on the latest news or enjoy a good book. Either way, this room is decorated for serenity!

Simple Modern Bedroom

The bedroom is simple, minimalist and modern with its dark floors and headboard creating a seamless flow that makes the room look even larger. The only storage area in sight is the four drawers located in the bedside table. The bed itself is decorated in modern linens that add a comfort to the room, while the large window allows for natural sunlight to create a tranquil space throughout the day.

Masterful organisational

This is an absolute dream for anyone that has an OCD, but also anyone who wants to start being a bit more organised, with separate space for clothing and shoes and so many drawers and cupboards as extra storage. Have you ever wanted to create a walk-in closet? If so, this is an inspirational idea to get you started.

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Elegant minimalism

This beautiful bathroom is elegantly decorated in a simple white marble, creating a tasteful and timeless bathroom design. The large shower, bathroom fixtures and modern fittings all create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, making this bathroom absolutely effortless yet functional and practical. You might never want to leave!

Are you a fan of this modern home? Perhaps it was too sparse and minimalist for your taste? Let us know...

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