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Installing some tiles can take an outdoor area like the garden or patio to a whole new level, and all you need is a bit of DIY and home improvement spirit!

Having a house that we can call our own is a dream that we keep on pursuing! Two of the most popular reasons for this is that we can decorate the spaces to our liking, and that we can take pleasure in making the changes that we want to. However, the process of building or buying a house, decorating and maintaining it requires a lot of us, both physically and financially.

A very important aspect in decorating a home is the floor. Eventually, it can also be the most expensive aspect of home improvement, especially if you have to replace an entire section of floor. It can be a glass falling on mosaic tiles. What about the children dragging toys across the wooden floor? It can also just be the natural wear on the floor taking place over the years. The causes of ageing and deterioration of floors are numerous and present in each house. 

In recent years, ceramic tiles have gained popularity and is commercially available in a wide range of designs and colours, as well as in different qualities and at different prices.

It is one of the cheapest ways to pave a house, and is also one of the most versatile materials which can be used in any room. In our hastened days, however, what appeals most will undoubtedly be ease of maintenance. Well, ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain to keep in an impeccable position, just a bucket and damp mop is all you need!

We have to remember that all types of flooring has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks is that ceramic tiles provide very little insulation. Although this can be an advantage in hot countries, it won't be ideal in places where winters are harsh and the cold insurmountable by the use of carpets and rugs. Ceramics are quite hard and become slippery when completely flat. Lastly, it can be a fragile thing and can lead to clashes with hard materials such as pots and plates when it falls. 

Ceramics might be the ideal floor for you, and now there are so many fashionable options to choose from. But if you're unsure and do not know what to choose, we're here to help! Today we bring you six ideas for tiled areas in various spaces of your home. 

Parallel patterns

The first pattern we bring to you is the simplest, and perhaps the most popular. The tiles are settled parallel to one another, starting from one point and following the tile's basic shape, forming a pattern in uniform stripes. 

The picture shown above displays a design by Pedro Quintela Studios, which is a simple pattern using two front walls at an acute angle as a starting point for two different settlements of tiles. The visual result is interesting and the juncture of the two settlements emphasises the existence of small steps and delineates two separate spaces. 


This rustic kitchen, so beautiful, is decoratively based on the brick floor. In this pattern the bricks are placed in a row starting from the wall, as with the previous pattern, but this one creates joints between the bricks in a T-shape. 

This is one of the most widely used standards, particularly when it comes to creating a more rustic environment, since it mimics the pattern of brick settlements. The material used in the kitchen of this image is ceramic tiling with a rough finish. This dulled appearance serves to emphasise the country character. 

The rustic furnishings and the somewhat primitive fixtures such as the ceiling beams and rudimentary wood complete the concept.


This pattern seems deceptively complicated, but it can give you a cheap and different flooring than everyone else. It is made using abstractly shaped tiles and fit together by means of mortar, dubbed Prague—an award-winning design of the Brazilian designer, Renata Rubim and produced by Solarium coatings. 

To create the photo effect with matched bricks, cut tiles with delicate curved lines can be fit together. But if you try to replicate this idea in your garden and find this complicated court a bit daunting, you can cut your tiles in simpler shapes and in more manageable sizes. 

All you have to do then is to add beautiful garden furniture and enjoy the outdoors on relaxed afternoons. You are guaranteed originality in the final result!


The above image of a kitchen is breathtaking, right? Here, the floor is the key point of decoration, there is no doubt of it! To achieve this they used two kinds of tiles in order to create two completely dissimilar sections to contrast with one another.

The outer section is dark and is placed on the spine, a standard we will discuss in the next section. The middle section uses a very classic tiles in a painted pattern, and is bordered by the grey range. The combined effect is fabulous, as if it were a carpet. A fantastic idea in a perfect kitchen. A classic design!


A beautiful floor in a tiny kitchen, full of style and good taste. With a retro touch, the floor is tiled to imitate wood, and was laid in a herringbone pattern, that is, creating lines in V-shapes. This pattern, relegated to oblivion for so long, in now experiencing a revival in current designs.

In the picture a Portuguese concept was applied in a small room and kitchen space to perfectly match the pattern of the wood used for the kitchenette cabinets and counters. You can create an entirely modern feel using this model, just bet on darker and neutral colours. 


Finally, a bold idea! It may not be for everyone, but here is a beautiful composition, and that is indisputable. In this case the floor tiles has no apparent pattern and seems to be placed almost at random, using a large number of different designs on the tiles themselves.

This idea has advantages and disadvantages. It can be very cheap if you decide to do it using the remains of a collection of mosaics. What's more, you are guaranteed to be able to easily replace one tile when it breaks. This is in addition to being totally unique!

On the other side may be a heavy environment, so that the colours of the furniture and walls are necessarily neutral. And you have the decoration all done! 

For more inspiration, you can: Be Swept Off Your Feet By These Hallway Floors.

Would you consider ceramic floor tiles for your home? Do you already have them? Let us know!

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