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​8 modern living rooms with tips to copy

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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living room is so much more than a space where we sit and watch TV. Think of it as its own little stand-alone area that deserves its own look and character. The lighting, the furniture, the wall art… they all need to speak of your personal style, look inviting for guests, plus enhance the overall style of your home, especially when that living room shares its space with another area, like the kitchen or dining room.

But before you start stressing: it’s actually quite easy styling up a living room, as long as you remember these eight great tips…

1. Neutral colours are great, but spice it up with some patterns and motifs to ensure character and detail.

2. Ensure your living room flaunts at least one quirky/unique/eye-catching piece, like these ceiling pendants.

3. Not every item needs to balance perfectly – see how this wall art doesn’t line up with the sofa, yet the overall effect works?

4. And speaking of mixing and matching, see how some rustic style (i.e. that brick wall) can light up a modern space.

5. Don’t underestimate the style power of nature (potted plants, botanical prints, etc.) for a fresh ambience.

6. Remember that contrast is king: circular shapes with rectangular ones, floral patterns with block motifs, cool hues mixed with warm ones, etc.

7. Open-plan layouts can also add more style to a living room, seeing as the various designs of the spaces can seep into one another.

8. Think of your lighting as part of the design and décor – let it contribute to your room’s look in addition to providing illumination.

Have you ever wondered: How can I separate the kitchen from the living room? Let’s find out…

Which of these style tips can you already spot in your living room’s design?

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