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20 wooden terrace ideas to spruce up your home

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A wooden terrace is a fantastic way to add a new space and new character to your home or garden. It can be fun, innovative and cost effective as these ideas will demonstrate.

1. Comfortable sit out

This terrace, under the shade of a pergola adds a Mediterranean touch to your home and allows you to enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable setting.

2. Extending dimensions

modern Garden by Deck-linéa

Palissade IdéAl—Deck-linéa


Adding a wooden floor on the outside of your home creates an additional space for the family to sit and relax. Take inspiration from this creation by the landscape designers at Deck-Linea

3. Flexibility

 Patios by Cris Nunes Arquiteta
Cris Nunes Arquiteta

Apartamento no cond Barra Bali, Barra de São Miguel Al

Cris Nunes Arquiteta

Wooden terraces are great avenues to explore your creativity in creating relaxing spaces in your home and garden.

4. Easy to clean

Wood is a highly durable material and is easier to clean and maintain than an area covered with earth or stones.

5. Safe space for children

minimalistic Houses by La Patioteca
La Patioteca

Banco en jardín

La Patioteca

A wooden terrace is a nice clean space for children to play, free from the scare of scrapes and injuries.

6. Adaptability in shape

Wood as a material is highly adaptable and you can use it in square, rectangular, L-shaped or even irregular spaces to create a special space.

7. Beyond floors

The great thing about wood is that it need not be restricted to the indoors and can be used to create unique looks, harmonising with the floor even outside the home.

8. Extension of furniture

In this picture one can see how a wooden terrace is added to the sofa, creating a natural extension of that space into a comfortable seating area.

9. Adapting to space

 Patios by Kali Arquitetura
Kali Arquitetura

APP | Varanda

Kali Arquitetura

Here we see how small wooden floors are used in a small balcony to craft an interesting space out of a plain surface.

10. Cost effective

A wooden terrace is one of the cheapest ways to modify and reinvent your home.

11. Cheaper option

modern Garden by epb arquitectura
epb arquitectura

Living exterior

epb arquitectura

This picture shows how a cheap option like wooden pallets can also be transformed into a relaxing space.

12. Creating textures

Wood, when combined with other materials like stone can create great visual combinations and textures.

13. Perfect finish

Wood can be used to create harmony in a space and to create a unique decor.

14. Imaginative uses

modern Study/office by The Gazebo Company
The Gazebo Company

​Highgrove Cabin 40 mm timber 576cm x300 cm. constructed on decking

The Gazebo Company

Even a small area can be transformed with some creative thinking.

15. Porch seating

This picture shows an interesting twist to a porch with two swing chairs over a wooden floor.

16. Rainforest feel

tropical Garden by Taffin

Jardin tropical de ville


An interesting tropical feel is created by placing thick foliage over a relaxing seating area.

17. Functional aesthetics

A modern take on wood to add visual elegance to a home.

18. Harmonising trends

modern Houses by Pierre Bernard Création
Pierre Bernard Création

Façade extérieure coté terrasse

Pierre Bernard Création

This modern home uses trendy furniture on the wood terrace to create visual harmony.

19. Convenience in every space

tropical Garden by Taffin

Terrasse tropicale à Enghien-les-Bains


Large as in the previous picture or compact as in this one, the wooden floors create cosy nooks for the home.

20. Carpet

This is a unique use of a wooden floor to create a carpet appearance under the outdoor seating arrangement.

Stay with us on the next set of enchanting ideas - 10 ideas to make your terrace more spectacular

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modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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