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Make a reception room appear like magic

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When you’ve bought a house that’s in the perfect location and which is very comfortable, you sometimes face the trade-off of having little space, including the privilege of a reception hall. It is a special place in the house where through which we have to travel to get to the rest of the house, sometimes being very large and merging with the living room of the home.

If you find yourself without a reception room, there are various solutions to consider starting with a little more investment spending until you find yourself with a virtually independent space you need. This is where we at homify step in to give you some ideas for a fabulous entrance hall to complement the interior design of the spaces inside your house.

Vertical support

We can create a gap in a spacious living room at the entrance of the house without disturbing the base floor and is built simply to support this new structure with a column. This gap does not have to encompass the whole room or overflow into another space, such as the dining room, but can simply be a kind of platform where you can place a sculpture or some in branches in a life size, glass vase.

This stage or dais defines the access to your home, creating an entrance hall that can be complemented with a small piece of furniture against the wall and a dramatic framed mirror which will serve to enlarge the space, defined by this virtual separation of spaces we have made, creating your reception room.

Delineate with furniture

Upon entering the hall in this home we see here, is just a big space with a living room and a TV where the location of the furniture played a large role in defining the movement that comes from the entrance to the rest of the house. Defining the reception room in this case as a circulation corridor in the living room is achieved by turning the furniture with their backs to against the reception area. In this manner the space you want is created, while the interior design of the home is further complemented.

The same goes for placing a piece of art on the wall almost by the door. In this case the interior designer made use of a large bench with intensely coloured pillows to add more visual weight and mark out the entrance hall’s dimensions.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors or walls made of soft materials defines spaces without disturbing the operation of both sides, is a great way to create an entrance hall space so necessary at home.

In this situation you can furnish each space differently, creating a room defined by the entrance hall and those sliding panels in order to have the opportunity to covert it all back to one big room in case of a meeting of many people. Yet, on a daily basis, the privacy of the respective rooms are safeguarded, since not all prospective visitors are reliable!

An artistic welcome

When entering a house, the first impression people have is worth much. If you want something that really sets apart your reception room, you should opt for a well-lit shelf where you can place some works of art that will be accentuated by the lighting scheme and catch the eyes of visitors to give an impression of a formal and elegant reception room. This can be located between two columns or a space can be created on the wall next to the front door for fabulous results.

Put plants to good use

Plants are beautiful sources of interior décor in our homes and can help a lot in the virtual definition of the entrance area we do not have.

You will have to pick plants of a good size, and in order to keep them inside, you will have to put them in pots appropriate to their size and location where they will be situated in the entrance of your house. This will allow for the differentiation of environments, managed by the potted plants, and so creating a reception area.

Plants with bold colours and broad leaves can be alternated with lighter features to further define the input. The addition of a small and colourful carpet can complete the design of this entrance hall.

For more green inspiration, learn about: The Benefits Of A Living Wall.

Employ funky screens

Brightly coloured screens are a legacy of Chinese culture where it originated in the Han Dynasty between 206 BC to 220 BC. The Japanese word for screen means “windbreak”, since it passed from Chinese to Japanese culture. Today, you can enjoy excellent examples of these accessories which not only serve to protect us from the wind, but have also become objects of home decoration.

The screen is perfect for virtually divided areas of the house, such as in the living room, where they do not require any construction or installation. Simply put it up and your reception room solution is fulfilled.

A combination of several options

In some designs the complexity of a virtual reception room will depend on the style and use of adjacent spaces. There are cases where there is not only a delineated floor area, but where the ceiling also has a definition of different heights to accentuate the reception are.

The furniture is place in a manner to define the space without inserting a wall, which would have constrained the area to a great degree. This solution of multiple options can be considered during the construction of the home, since it is more economical than a separate room, and since it will not cause discomfort in trying to make renovations at a later stage.

Are you hoping to create a reception area in your home? Tell us which of these tips you plan to use!

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