9 pictures of sliding doors that are functional and stylish

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The separation of space has become one of the leading aspects of interior designing and decoration. The open concept has gained supporters, with attractive elements to partially compensate for not succumbing to the charm of integrating environments. It is no wonder that sliding doors are a relatively common tool for this purpose. Also, they work perfectly in extending an area that is not very generous. Its evolution is constant, so here you will find one according to your taste for each room of the house. If you do not know which model to choose, then follow us and check out our selection.

1. Light passing

簡潔明亮的廚房與精緻可愛的餐廳由收合自如的拉門阻隔廚房的意味與油煙 弘悅國際室內裝修有限公司 Kitchen Wood Wood effect



One of the keys to any design and decoration project has to do with the correct lighting of the space. The presence of the door can block access to natural light. However, the separation of the environments using a sliding glass door as we can see in this image is a solution that guarantees greater luminosity and independence of the space as well.

2. Dividing the kitchen and living room

打開廚房的拉門空間更顯寬廣,精心收集的小用具也會是空間的亮點 弘悅國際室內裝修有限公司 Kitchen Wood White



In this first example, a sliding door was chosen to split the kitchen from the living room. The rustic style interior connects widely with the whiteness of the room. Although there are physical limitations imposed on an enclosure like this, the proposal still allows integration with the open door.

3. As part of the decoration

Every detail you add to a room becomes one more piece of your particular decorative design. The elements that divide like the sliding doors also do not escape this contribution. The presence of such enclosures can help you give a unique personality to the environments which are separate and integrated at the same time.

4. Contemporary aesthetics

The fact is that sliding doors are ideal for separating the spaces in a house. Also, they come in a variety of materials, models, and finishes. The example we present in this image is perfect to illustrate this statement. The two wooden doors contrast with the tones of the walls and the environments on both sides. It creates a sophisticated and contemporary area.

5. A little color

You can use a sliding door to separate the stair area from the rest of the house and disguise access to the upper floor. Also, you can give a lively touch with a vibrant color, just like we see in this image. It is an ideal model to have in case there are children or animals in the home.

6. Sliding door in closet

Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobe for Children's Bedroom with Sloped Ceiling Bravo London Ltd BedroomWardrobes & closets Aluminium/Zinc Pink
Bravo London Ltd

Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobe for Children's Bedroom with Sloped Ceiling

Bravo London Ltd

A sliding door is ideal to enlarge a room as we have already mentioned. One of the other advantages is that it does not occupy any additional space once open.

7. In the bathroom

The bathroom is an environment that deserves particular attention, especially when it is small. A wooden door with metal handles as seen in this picture is perfect for ensuring privacy without losing comfort. Wood can fill your life and environment with beauty.

8. Elegant and sophisticated

Elegance and distinctions are not incompatible with the practicality of sliding doors, as we have seen in the previous examples. They add an undeniable appeal to the interior design of your home. Here we have another excellent example of a dark sliding door. It is undoubtedly an extra detail in the decor.

9. Open to the garden

Flugel 180 Straight Sliding Door Hardware Coastal Joinery Hardware Pool
Coastal Joinery Hardware

Flugel 180 Straight Sliding Door Hardware

Coastal Joinery Hardware

Such doors are ideal for separating the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, staircase, and even the closets. Sliding doors are efficient and perfect for integrating any environment. Here we have the integration of the living room with the garden, creating a very suggestive and attractive connection.

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