Patios by TRIDI arquitetura

​10 ideas to make your terrace more spectacular

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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To be able to enjoy a terrace, balcony or patio whenever you feel like it is really a privilege, especially considering how tight space has become in the cities these days. And let’s not forget how these simple additions can greatly influence your property’s value when it becomes time to sell.

However, like any other room in the house (and your house itself), a terrace requires constant maintenance to keep it clean, neat and stylish. And if yours has been looking a bit neglected lately and simple scrubbing and sweeping won’t fix the problem, maybe it’s time to approach the problem from a design- and décor perspective…

1. Adding some new lighting fixtures can turn that dull-looking terrace upside down.

tropical Pool by Maria Claudia Faro
Maria Claudia Faro


Maria Claudia Faro

2. Ever thought of adding a covered area (such as a pergola, awning, etc.) to make it more practical?

 Patios by Kali Arquitetura
Kali Arquitetura

CRR | Varanda

Kali Arquitetura

3. Nothing beats a beautiful wooden deck.

4. Feel like cooking in fresh air? That’s when an exterior kitchen/ braai area becomes invaluable.

5. Just see how various materials and textures style up this little outdoor corner.

6. If a modern look is more your style, keep the colours neutral and don’t opt for too many furnishings/décor pieces.

 Patios by TRIDI arquitetura
TRIDI arquitetura

Cobertura | Hotel Royal Rio Palace

TRIDI arquitetura

7. Remember that the tiniest of detail (even the smallest potted plant) can make a world of difference.

 Patios by branco arquitetura
branco arquitetura

Horta suspensa | Deck madeira

branco arquitetura

8. To have a terrace look out onto a magnificent view such as this is undoubtedly like winning the jackpot!

 Patios by Patrícia Nobre Interiores
Patrícia Nobre Interiores

Área Externa Casa de Praia—Por Patrícia Nobre

Patrícia Nobre Interiores

9. Ever considered adding in a Jacuzzi or splash pool?

10. How about a bar area and TV screen for Saturday afternoon sports games?

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How would you style up your terrace?
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