10 kitchens that will blow your mind for sure

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If you love to cook, you already know how important it is to have a beautiful and functional kitchen where you feel like going back again and again. And to create such a kitchen, you need to have a plan. Besides the kitchen furniture, materials, colours and coatings, you must focus on how to use the available space in the best manner possible. Though how you want your kitchen will finally depend on your personal taste, here are 10 gorgeous ones that will inspire you in many ways. Read on to know more.

Classic and welcoming

Note how the patterned tiles cladding the backsplash help in coating the kitchen counter too. Warm wooden cabinets, an inbuilt oven and a modern chimney hood bring the look together here.

Contemporary yet rustic

Though smooth white countertops and trendy fixtures make this kitchen a modern space, stone walls, rugged wooden cabinet shutters and a charming wooden island give it the rustic edge that makes it special. The decor is a mix of contemporary, colonial and rustic and creates a warm ambiance for cooking. Credit goes to the artists and artisans at Marcello Gavioli.

Cosy traditional kitchen

Recently renovated, this open kitchen boasts of a very traditional and Mediterranean ambiance. Stone countertops, textured white walls, quaint wicker baskets and a wooden breakfast table with chairs make this space very welcoming and detailed. The wooden oven at the far end features a traditional chimney above and a sleek shelf for arranging wine bottles and books.

Simple yet quaint

The beautiful hand-painted tiles on the backsplash lend oodles of charm to this otherwise simple kitchen. The sleek countertop is tiled traditionally and the appliances are ultramodern. Wicker baskets and vases add cosiness here.

Tradition and technology

Rustic brick walls act as the perfect traditional backdrop for the modern appliances and copper utensils. We love how this traditional and warm kitchen has embraced technology for comfort.

Blend of interesting materials

Quaint tiled walls combine with elegant wooden cabinets and furniture to make this kitchen visually arresting and inviting. The half wall to the left is tiled with earthy-hued stones to go well with the yellow ochre walls on either side.

Stunningly renovated kitchen

Though this kitchen originally dates back to 1770, it was renovated completely to look both traditional and modern. Trendy appliances, wicker baskets, copper and earthen utensils and soft lighting have come together to make this happen. It now serves as a charming restaurant kitchen.

Unique and playful

A large oval table on beautifully carved legs take the centre stage in this spacious kitchen and is surrounded by elegant chairs for a regal setting. Thick wooden logs adorn the walls and nicely contrast the colourful tiles on the floor, while a vintage cupboard keeps the old world feel alive. Golden lighting and brick counters with pale blue cabinets add to the appeal.

Full of personality

This kitchen is no wonder a joyful place to prepare yummy dishes in. With bright geometrically inspired tiles cladding its walls, floor as well as furniture, the kitchen looks lively and full of energetic personality.

Decide what you want

There are a number of materials and ideas available in the market today which you can combine to create an exclusive kitchen. From brick to wood to ceramic tiles and more, you can get your hands on many interesting elements to create the kitchen of your dreams. Like this one is a mix of vintage charm and traditional designs.   

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