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​The House that Strikes a Pose

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homify 360° is all about bringing you the best of the brightest when it comes to architectural beauties. For today’s special star we relocated to Spain, where architectural masterminds Senza Espacios have conjured up an elegant idol. This modern house exudes a sublime ambience of luxurious coolness (the fact that it has a gorgeous swimming pool might have something to do with it).

Good looks will only get you noticed for so long – it’s how you present yourself that matters. Well, this residence has nothing to be concerned about, as it handles itself with care, detail, and perfect tranquillity. 

Let’s discover this fabulously modern house that strikes a starring pose.

First impressions

As façades go, this house definitely puts its best foot forward. With an admirable design that is deliciously enhanced by fine lines and serene colours, this modern residence has us floored already. 

Our attention is immediately captured by the lighting, both natural (see the generous amount of glass that will ensure sufficient sunlight throughout the day) and artificial (those twinkling spots add a character that is somewhere between charming and romantic). 

And who could overlook that stunning swimming pool with its unique shape? Those who consider diving and splashing to be most improper can make a glamorous, celebrity-like entrance into the pool via the steps.

Elegant and cosy

On the inside, wood becomes the star attraction, where it delightfully covers the floors and the main wall. Open, elegant spaces ensure a dream-like quality, made even more serene by that stunning palette of coffee browns and creamy whites. 

And speaking of the main wall, notice the fitted plasma television being the ideal source for enjoying a movie night with friends. 

And while the furniture takes care of the elegance factor (who could resist sinking away in those lush, off-white couches, leaving the world and its problems behind?), those sparkling lights ensure the cosy element is present.

For stylish dreams

As we've seen so far, two main colours jump out from the palette: grey and white. And here they make another stunning appearance in the bedroom, with that ever-so-sexy wooden floor continuing its starring role. 

A lot of people think of modern space as cold and impersonal. They only need to take a glimpse at this residence to change their minds – even though the furniture, layout, décor and colour schemes are the embodiment of modern style, the spaces couldn't be more cosy and friendly. 

We love, love, LOVE the wall pattern behind the bed, making for an almost elongated headboard, as well as introducing a remarkable character into an already glamorous space. Most definitely homify-approved!

Colour for the guests

Now on to the guest bedroom, where the style takes a more lively and colourful turn. Shying ever so slightly away from the ‘less is more’ approach, this space opted for a white and sapphire-blue floral wallpaper, which elevates this bedroom’s character from ‘sleek and serene’ to ‘charmingly fabulous’. Notice how superbly well the blue tones play with the ceiling light – these two elements were meant to share the same space! 

To keep the tranquillity vibe flowing, creamy tones adorn the linen and headboard.

Simplicity is king

One doesn't need excessive décor and colour to make an impression, and this duo sink in the bathroom proves it. Making up a perfectly symmetrical area, this is the perfect idea for the couple who like their own spaces when getting ready before off to work (or hitting the town).

The white colours and a premium gloss finish add to the luxurious ambience flowing throughout the house, and we are in love with the cylinder-shaped ceiling lights illuminating the sinks areas. 

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For brilliant bathing

And when it becomes time to forget about the world and work-related problems (or for simple cleansing), we just retreat to this stunner of a bathtub. 

The tiled wall plays the part of a present-yet-quiet character, while the plants inject a bit of natural (and cool, bright) colour in the neutral palette. 

Modern bathroom done to perfection! 

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